GTA 5 Source Code Leak Reveals Cancellation of 8 Planned DLCs

The challenges continue for Rockstar Games as a fresh wave of leaks has hit them hard. This latest breach involves the entire GTA 5 source code being disclosed online, unveiling the anticipated plans for the game. Alongside these revelations, leaks pertaining to canceled games from beloved fan-favorite series have also surfaced alongside the source code.

GTA 5 Source Code Leaked Online

Various accounts centered on Rockstar Games, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), began spreading news about the leaked source code. Among them was the YouTube content creator SKizzle, who initially confirmed the GTA 5 source code leak.

This YouTuber posted an image of the source code, verifying the validity of the leak. Within this leaked source code are significant game files, such as early GTA 5 maps, scripts, and unfortunately, some impressive yet discarded content.

It’s troubling that the leaked source code for GTA 5 has references to “Project Americas,” essentially confirming it as the codename for GTA 6. Moreover, a code snippet from GTA 6 has emerged online, hinting at content potentially revealed in the game’s trailer.

Rockstar Games hasn’t issued any statements regarding this leak, but it’s concerning that users now seem to have access to GTA 5’s source code. Despite this breach, the game remains highly popular, with GTA Online attracting numerous new players daily.

The release of the source code online might lead to a surge in cheating incidents within the game. Cheating has been a persistent issue in online gaming, and this leak could exacerbate the problem. On the brighter side, this may also pave the way for some innovative mods in GTA 5. The repercussions of this leak will only become clear over time.

Rockstar Cancelled Eight Planned GTA 5 DLCs

The GTA 5 source code leak revealed significant information about planned DLCs for the game. Similar to GTA 4’s Episodes from Liberty City, GTA 5 was slated to receive DLCs. Surprisingly, there were indications of not just one but eight planned DLCs, as evident from the file names found in the source code.

  • SP Assassination Pack
  • SP Manhunt Pack
  • SP Norman Pack
  • Agent Trevor
  • Relationship Pack
  • Enterprise Pack
  • Prologue DLC
  • LibertyV DLC

It appears these DLCs could have expanded the GTA 5 universe by delving into various storylines across different locations. They hinted at revisiting parts of Liberty City for business ventures or exploring Trevor’s persona as a secret agent.

The Prologue DLC might have elaborated on the Ludendorff Bank Heist, an event from the initial stages of GTA 5. Sadly, these DLCs were canceled, with Rockstar Games redirecting their efforts toward GTA Online and other projects, leaving these storylines untold.

Bully 2’s Existence Confirmed by Source Code

Recent leaks have reignited the discussion around Bully 2, a highly anticipated sequel to the beloved open-world action-adventure title. Despite years of speculation and fan anticipation, the game never materialized beyond a PS4 port and Xbox backward compatibility.

However, fresh leaks now suggest that Bully 2 was indeed in development at Rockstar Games. X user Budzz0 posted a screenshot displaying a file named after the sequel. While this doesn’t offer concrete confirmation, it does hint that Rockstar might have initiated development on a sequel. However, the project might have been sidelined due to the focus on GTA 6.

The continuous string of leaks surrounding Rockstar Games over the past few years is disheartening. While not as significant as the GTA 6 leaks from last year or the recent trailer leak, this latest breach can still hold considerable repercussions. However, it does shed light on the fluid and evolving nature of game development, where priorities often lead to rapid changes and cancellations, as seen with the shelved DLCs. The future repercussions of these leaks remain uncertain, leaving much to unfold over time.

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