Google Dropped Out New Features for Pixels in December’s Update

Google regularly updates Pixel devices with Feature Drops, enhancing their functionality and user experience. These updates occur throughout the year, with the December drop often packing the most significant additions. The latest December Feature Drop has arrived, offering a range of new features for both Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch.


The recent update introduces an array of enhancements to the Pixel camera system. Notably, the Pixel 8 Pro receives Video Boost, Night Sight Video, and Night Sight Timelapse features. While most features are currently accessible, Video Boost is slated for release tomorrow, as per Google’s official blog. Additionally, the Pixel Fold gains the Dual Screen Preview, offering a preview across both screens.

Another highlight is the “Clean” feature, which employs AI to eliminate stains or marks when scanning documents. This feature extends beyond the Pixel 8 series and includes support for older Pixel devices as well.

Gemini Nano Powered AI Features

In the Pixel Feature drop, Google introduced the Gemini AI Model, touted as its most robust AI release yet. This update brings forth several AI-driven functionalities, such as AI Summarize and Smart replies. For instance, while Google Recorder transcribes recordings, reading through lengthy texts can be cumbersome. With Summarize, powered by the new Gemini Nano on the Pixel 8 Pro, users can get summarized versions of their recordings.

Moreover, Smart Replies leverage Gemini Nano to provide response suggestions based on received text messages. Initially available on WhatsApp, Google plans to expand support to more apps in the coming year.

Use Pixel Camera as Webcam

The webcam functionality, previously in Beta, is now officially included in the December feature drop. This feature enables users to utilize their Pixel device as a webcam during meetings. It’s a straightforward process: simply connect your Pixel to your computer using a USB cable, then access the Webcam option from the USB settings by swiping down.

Repair Mode

The December feature drop also introduces Repair Mode, a feature designed to safeguard your data during device repairs. It creates a secure environment, ensuring the protection of your data while the device is being serviced.

Contextual Replies: Google Assistant

For our audience in the US, Canada, and Europe, Google Assistant is stepping up its game with Contextual Replies on Pixel 6 and newer models. Google boasts a 50% improvement in Assistant’s ability to detect spam calls.

Contextual Replies empower users by allowing Assistant to answer calls and inquire about the caller’s purpose. The Assistant then presents the reason for the call, granting users the option to accept or decline the call. This feature adds another layer of control alongside Call Screening.

Additionally, the Call Screening feature is now accessible on the Pixel Watch following a Google Dialer update.

Pixel Watch: Watch Unlock is Here

If you own a Pixel Watch, it’s now equipped to automatically unlock your Pixel phone without requiring you to tap the fingerprint sensor or enter a PIN. This functionality is compatible with both Pixel Watch and Watch 2.

Other Features

Google has integrated a new Mali GPU driver, boasting performance enhancements in graphics-heavy games such as Genshin Impact. These improvements are expected to be noticeable across all Pixels featuring the Tensor SoC.

To keep track of the diverse feature distribution across devices, Google has shared a chart delineating which features are arriving for both new and older Pixel models.

Did the December Pixel Feature Drop land on your device? Feel free to share your experience and impression with us in the comments section below!

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