Discord to Introduce Disappearing Download Links Soon

Discord, the popular gaming and messaging platform, is making a significant change by introducing disappearing download links. Users have traditionally utilized Discord not only for communication but also for sharing external files through the platform’s servers. This forthcoming update will alter the dynamics of file sharing on Discord. Learn more about this change below.

Discord to Phase Out Permanent Download Links

Discord has officially confirmed to BleepingComputer that it will be implementing disappearing file links. This implies that any links hosted on Discord servers will automatically vanish after a 24-hour period. If users rely on the platform for storing permanent download links, they will need to explore alternative solutions. It’s worth noting that the links shared within the Discord client itself will be automatically refreshed, ensuring no disruption for users within the platform.

Discord has clarified that the implementation of disappearing file links is part of its efforts to combat the distribution of malware through its content delivery network (CDN). Malicious actors have often exploited Discord for this purpose, and the platform is taking steps to enhance safety and privacy for its users. If users are concerned about losing links and are exploring alternative options, they have until the end of the year before this change takes effect.

Discord has stated that “developers on the platform may experience minimal impact, and the company is collaborating closely with the community to facilitate the transition. The changes related to disappearing file links are expected to roll out later this year, with more information to be shared with developers in the coming weeks.

Discord also clarified that “to access the attachment CDN link after it expires, an app will need to fetch a new CDN URL. The API will automatically provide valid, non-expired URLs when accessing resources containing an attachment CDN URL, such as when retrieving a message.”

It has been revealed that CDN links on Discord will include expiration timestamps and labels, remaining valid until the specified expiry time. While these changes are planned for Discord links, the full rollout hasn’t commenced yet. Links shared outside of Discord servers will expire once the authentication enforcement changes are implemented. What are your thoughts on these upcoming changes in Discord? Are you disappointed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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