CES 2024: XReal’s Air 2 Ultra AR Glasses Pose a Challenge Apple Vision Pro

At CES 2024, XReal unveiled its latest Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, the XReal Air 2 Ultra, entering the competitive landscape against products like Meta’s Quest 3 and Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro. Formerly known as Nreal.

XReal positions the Air 2 Ultra as a cutting-edge “spatial computing platform” now open for pre-orders. Boasting dual 3D environment sensors, these glasses swiftly and accurately map the real world. Notably, XReal claims a pioneering achievement with the Air 2 Ultra being the world’s first Titanium AR glasses, ensuring a combination of lightweight design and durability.

The XReal Air 2 Ultra is equipped with 1080p displays for each eye, offering a maximum brightness of 500 nits. Featuring a high refresh rate of 120Hz and supporting 6 Degrees of Freedom (6 DoF) tracking, these AR glasses also introduce a new hand-tracking capability. Notably, the field of view (FOV) has been expanded to 52 degrees, a noticeable improvement from the previous 46 degrees on the Air 2.

Although slightly heavier at 80g, an increase of 8g from the Air 2, XReal emphasizes the comfort of wearing the Ultra AR glasses. The device boasts the ability to present users with a supersized display, extending up to 154 inches. Despite the additional hardware, the weight of XReal’s Air 2 Ultra remains significantly lower than that of traditional VR headsets.

The emphasis on a lightweight design is crucial for any head-worn VR/AR headset, and XReal’s AR Glasses have garnered positive customer reviews, with some users even adopting them as their primary gaming display. This speaks volumes about the comfort and lightness that the company’s AR Glasses provide. XReal is set to introduce new AR apps, and additional experiences developed by various creators will contribute to the diverse offerings.

In its pursuit of enhanced comfort, the XReal Air 2 Ultra incorporates Electrochromic Dimming, allowing users to dynamically switch between three levels of dimming. This feature optimizes viewing comfort in both indoor and outdoor settings. The AR glasses also come equipped with built-in microphones and speakers, touted by XReal as a ‘Best-in-class audio system,’ further enhancing the overall user experience.

Developers can leverage the spatial computing capabilities of the XReal Spatial Computing platform to create distinctive AR experiences. The company’s NRSDK 2.2 platform is set to be released in the coming months!

XReal has shown prowess in the realm of AR glasses, prompting speculation about the potential future impact of AR technology. The practical applications to be notably beneficial for your smartphone, Steam Deck, or gaming console. Simply plugging in the AR glasses with their versatile compatibility allows users to start enjoying content on an expansive virtual screen.

The introduction of the XReal Air 2 Ultra has heightened my anticipation to witness the extent of advancements in AR technology. It’s conceivable that products like these AR glasses might one day replace our traditional methods of immersing ourselves in content.

XReal Air 2 Ultra: Pricing & Availability

XReal has specifically tailored the Air 2 Ultra for AR developers, yet they are open for purchase by anyone through the official website, where pre-orders are currently underway. These enhanced AR glasses, packed with upgraded features, are priced at $699, and shipping is slated to commence from March 2025.

The unveiling of the Air 2 Ultra at CES 2024 marks a significant milestone. Interested buyers can acquire these new AR glasses not only in the US but also in various Asian countries, including Korea, China, and Japan. Additionally, they will be available in European countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, France, and Germany.

What are your impressions of the XReal Air 2 Ultra? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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