CES 2024: Samsung Unveils Ballie AI Robot Has a Projector, Feeds Pets, and Even Follows You!

Samsung, previously showcasing a robot at CES 2020, has unveiled the enhanced Ballie AI Robot at CES 2024, transforming it into an advanced ‘AI companion robot‘ tailored for home use.

In a demo video, the upgraded Ballie AI robot exhibited a range of new features. It now includes a projector for displaying content and has the capability to navigate and perform various household tasks throughout your home. A recent video showcased Ballie providing updates to its Galaxy homeowner, reporting on the current state of the house while actively patrolling.

The indications suggest that Ballie could potentially serve as a security layer for your home. Presumably, you have the option to instruct it to monitor specific areas within your house, such as the living room, kitchen, or your child’s room. Subsequently, Ballie can relay notifications to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, keeping you informed about activities in those designated areas.

Following its report on house patrol, the Ballie robot informed its Galaxy homeowner, stating, ‘I am now checking up on Cooper.‘ The user then instructed Ballie to feed the dog and show a video, tasks that the robot executed seamlessly using its integrated projector. With the assistance of AI, the need to personally attend to your pet’s feeding routine may become obsolete, as you can rely on your dedicated AI robot to handle such tasks daily.

Simplifying household chores, Ballie effortlessly automates the activation of various appliances and devices before the user’s arrival, even offering a warm greeting upon their return home.

According to Samsung, the Ballie AI robot seamlessly integrates with other smart home devices. Additionally, it introduces a ‘Fitness Mate‘ feature designed to assist users in their exercise routines. In essence, Ballie proves to be feature-rich, promising to alleviate the burden of household tasks.

Owning this AI robot, along with numerous other smart home devices, could potentially result in saving several hours each day, given its capability to efficiently manage various household tasks. Remarkably, Ballie even allows users to take calls through the robot.

Moreover, Ballie serves as a valuable addition to a home office setup. Samsung demonstrated a scenario where Ballie, in this mode, projected an additional screen through its built-in projector, facilitating enhanced multitasking. Even in its role as a basic household assistant, the practicality of Ballie becomes evident.

Regarding pricing and availability, specific details are currently unavailable. However, the technology appears to be well-developed. Despite potential nuances to address, there is anticipation for Samsung to officially release the Ballie AI robot as a consumer-oriented smart home product within the next 1-2 years. The prospect of witnessing more innovative smart home devices, akin to the excitement generated by Samsung’s implementation at CES 2024, is eagerly anticipated.

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