Call of Duty 2025 as a Futuristic Sequel to Black Ops 2: Insider Gaming Reports

The realm of Call of Duty rumors always piques interest among fans. After the disappointment with Sledgehammer’s take on a Modern Warfare 3 variant for Warzone, anticipation has been high for Activision’s next move. According to Insider Gaming, the anticipated Call of Duty 2025 is rumored to be a futuristic sequel to the revered Black Ops 2.

Reportedly codenamed ‘Saturn,’ this new installment is said to unfold in the year 2030, five years following the events of Black Ops 2. Speculations suggest a return of beloved characters like Mason and Woods, although how the narrative will intertwine with the Black Ops 2 storyline remains uncertain, especially considering the appearances of these characters in Call of Duty: Cold War.

The potential setting around the Gulf War hints at the possibility of more nostalgic callbacks. While awaiting further details on the plot, fans hope for the return of the gripping Black Ops storyline that has garnered a dedicated following.

Expectations for the game include a mix of futuristic elements and nostalgia, with features like the classic ‘pick 10’ create-a-class system, the intense gunfight mode, and the highly popular round-based zombies gameplay.

Rumors also suggest significant improvements to the movement system, hinting at an overhaul in its early developmental stages. Additionally, it’s speculated that the game might not carry over weapons, skins, or other cosmetics from previous Call of Duty titles, presenting a fresh start for players.

Call of Duty 2025 Maps Leaked

The return to a futuristic setting in Call of Duty games hasn’t always been received positively, notably with the disappointing Black Ops 4 in 2018. Recent leaks shared on Twitter by @el_bobberto hinted at a map list for the rumored Call of Duty 2025 sequel. These leaks suggest the potential return of beloved old Black Ops maps like Standoff and Aftermath. As of now the @el_bobberto account no longer exists, and the reasons behind its disappearance are currently unknown.

Despite its flaws, games like Modern Warfare 3, made within a relatively short timeframe, managed to sell nearly 30 million units. Considering these statistics, it’s understandable to assume that Activision might leverage nostalgia as a key selling point once again.

Having a new Call of Duty release after such a substantial gap could indeed bring a breath of fresh air. What are your thoughts on this long-awaited return of the franchise? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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