Beta 1 of Android 14 QPR2 Update Unveiled for Pixel Devices: New Features and Enhancements

It seems like Google has rolled out the initial beta of Android 14 QPR2 for Pixel devices following three Android 14 QPR1 Betas. This update brings a set of both newly introduced and previously announced features. Moreover, it maintains the tradition of including additional hidden features that are set to be unveiled in the future. Below are the details outlining all the fresh additions in the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1 update specifically tailored for Pixel devices, beginning with the Pixel 5.

Record a Particular App Screen

The updated screen recorder function now enables users to capture a specific app’s activity continuously, even when switching to other applications. Notably, this feature ensures a seamless recording experience by preventing interruptions from notifications or user interface elements that could disrupt the recorded content. This enhancement offers a more focused and streamlined recording process, ensuring the video remains undisturbed by other system alerts or pop-ups.

New Privacy Indicator

When an app accesses your phone’s camera or microphone, you can swipe down and tap on the green privacy indicator to access a new user interface. Previously, triggering this action would launch a full-screen interface resembling the Safety Center.

Faster Update Installation

The installation process for Pixel updates used to be notably time-consuming, but with the arrival of Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1, users might have noticed a significant improvement in installation speed, a change that isn’t just coincidental.

Reports from Mishaal Rahman and a user named “Moshe” suggest that Pixels might now utilize Tensor’s mid cores to expedite the update process. This was observed during the installation on a Pixel 8, and similar accelerated installation occurred on a Pixel 6, unlike with previous beta updates.

Quarantined Apps

In the latest update, users have the option to “Quarantine” apps through the Quarantine Apps section within Developer Options. Enabling this feature prevents apps from opening, although the exact purpose or necessity of this function remains unclear. Further insights may emerge as additional details about these builds are unveiled.

Turn Off “At a Glance” For Good!

In the upcoming Android 14 Beta update, the Pixel Launcher will offer the option to remove the At a Glance widget from the home screen, a highly sought-after feature. Google has responded to user requests by incorporating this capability. Conversely, for those who favor the At a Glance widget, an alternative option is to utilize Smartspacer, an app that enhances the At a Glance feature.

A New “Your Pixel is up to date” Screen

It’s understandable to feel alarmed by the sudden appearance of a new screen after an update. However, it seems this new screen is Google’s replacement for the previously familiar “Your phone was updated” pop-up.

  • Upcoming Features
  • Removal of Authenticator Unlock (Replacement for Watch Unlock in AOSP)
  • Bluetooth Quick Settings Tile
  • Private Space Functionality (Likely for app hiding)
  • Keyboard Vibration Setting in Preferences
  • Notification Cooldown (Possibly reduces volume for app notification spamming)

And that concludes the rundown of the new and upcoming features in the latest Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1 update. Are there specific features you’re most excited about, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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