ASUS Dual RTX 4070 SUPER Leaks Before CES 2024

A leaked design of a dual OC model based on Nvidia’s Super series has surfaced, revealing the RTX 4070 Super ahead of CES 2024. This graphics card model is manufactured by ASUS, a prominent partner of Nvidia in creating GeForce GPUs.

The leak was unveiled by @momomo_us, a user on X (formerly Twitter) known for sharing hardware-related leaks. Notable features of the card, such as the 16-pin power connector, were visible. The earlier RTX 4070 was priced at $599.99, and it is anticipated that this forthcoming Super variant might launch at slightly elevated prices.

The ASUS Dual RTX 4070 Super showcases a design featuring dual fans and a sleek all-black appearance, accentuated with white patterns around the fan shroud and GPU backplate.

However, specific details regarding the power connector standard, whether it employs the 12VHPWR or the updated 12V-2×6 standard, are not discernible from this leak. As the leak solely comprises images without any accompanying specifications, it’s important to exercise caution regarding potential misinformation. Until confirmed by ASUS or Nvidia, the existence and specifications of this GPU remain unverified.

Absolutely, the transition to the updated 12V-2×6 power connector standard for the RTX 40 Super graphics cards holds promise for enhanced safety and reliability.

Regarding the anticipated improvements in the RTX 4070 Super over its Non-Super counterpart, the upgrades in core and memory speeds are projected to deliver commendable performance gains across various gaming scenarios. This enhancement aligns with the trend of delivering more robust performance in the Super series compared to the non-Super variants.

It appears that the expectations for increased VRAM capacity in the RTX 40 Super series haven’t been met with the RTX 4070 Super, maintaining the same 12GB GDDR6X VRAM as its non-Super counterpart.

From the leaked box art, key features like RTX Studio, Nvidia Reflex, Ray-Tracing, and DLSS are highlighted, along with the inclusion of Asus’ GPU Tweak software. This specific leak pertains to an overclocked variant of the upcoming Nvidia RTX 4070 Super graphics card.

A recent RTX 40 Super leak disclosed launch timelines for several forthcoming Nvidia GPUs: the RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4080 Super, and RTX 4070 Ti Super. These are anticipated to debut early next year, based on the leaks. Specific differentiators from their non-Super counterparts are expected to be unveiled during Nvidia’s Special Address event, offering more comprehensive insights. Share your expectations or thoughts about the upcoming Nvidia RTX 4070 Super GPU in the comments section.

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