Apple Watch Series 10 to Get a New Design & Major Health Features: Gurman

The Apple Watch Series 9 faced criticism for lacking significant features, resulting in a tepid response from the audience. However, it appears that Apple has taken note and is poised to make a substantial shift with next year’s Apple Watch Series 10. According to insights from Mark Gurman, a renowned Apple analyst, the tech giant is gearing up for a major overhaul.

Gurman suggests that Apple intends to unveil “at least one model” with a revamped design. The Apple Watch has maintained a consistent design since its inception, making an upgrade long overdue. With next year marking the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch, the occasion presents an opportune moment for a fresh design.

According to Gurman, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 won’t just focus on design; it’s set to introduce a couple of notable health features. Speculations suggest that the next iteration of the Apple Watch will have the capability to detect hypertension and sleep apnea among users.

Upon detection, the Apple Watch is expected to prompt users for further testing to confirm these conditions.

Gurman emphasizes that these health features need to possess substantial marketing appeal. To solidify the Apple Watch’s position as the premier health wearable, Apple must introduce functionalities that offer tangible real-world value, potentially including the ability to measure blood pressure.

It appears that the rumors surrounding the Apple Watch X, previously mentioned by Gurman, might align with Apple’s potential launch plans for next year. The speculation suggests that Apple could unveil the Apple Watch X alongside refreshed designs and health features. Moreover, the company might maintain its lineup of regular models, resulting in three distinct offerings within the Apple Watch segment: the Apple Watch Series 10, Apple Watch X, and Apple Watch Ultra 3.

Regarding the anticipated new design, earlier rumors about the Apple Watch X hinted at a thinner chassis and a revamped magnetic band attachment system. These potential updates could bring significant changes to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the device.

AzMo Tech’s Take

Apple’s consistent design strategy for the Apple Watch has seemingly impacted sales, with projections suggesting lower holiday season sales figures this year. Despite introducing the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 featuring a new double-tap gesture, enhanced display brightness, and the powerful S9 chip, these updates haven’t been compelling enough to drive upgrades among users.

While Apple has incrementally added subtle health features to the Apple Watch lineup, 2024 could witness a significant leap forward. Speculations point to the inclusion of advanced capabilities like detecting sleep apnea and hypertension in upcoming models.

2024 might shape up to be a pivotal year for Apple’s wearables, especially with the anticipated launch of the Vision Pro, considered the tech giant’s most awaited wearable, early in the year. This signifies a potential overhaul and a strong focus on innovation in the wearable technology sphere for Apple.

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