Apple Vision Pro Launch Date Reveal Anticipated Next Week: Gurman

2024 holds significant developments for Apple, with the imminent unveiling of its groundbreaking mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Initially revealed at the WWDC event on June 5, 2023, with a promised early launch the following year, the eagerly anticipated moment is now at hand. Noted Apple analyst Mark Gurman, in his recent Power On newsletter, suggests that the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro is on the brink.

Gurman speculates in his latest weekly newsletter that Apple may unveil the launch date for the Vision Pro at any moment. Warehouses throughout the US are gearing up for the imminent release, with the headset already making its way to select locations, albeit in limited quantities. The next step involves the distribution of the Vision Pro to various Apple retail outlets, building anticipation for its arrival.

Apple Vision Pro Launch Date

Mark Gurman, a notable Apple analyst, suggests that Apple is adhering to its schedule for the Apple Vision Pro release, anticipating sufficient quantities to be available at retail stores by the end of January, making a February 1, 2024 launch possible. Gurman speculates that Apple might officially announce the Vision Pro launch date in the coming week. One rationale behind this timing could be to divert attention from CES 2024, the prominent tech event scheduled from January 9-12, stealing some spotlight.

The launch of the Vision Pro represents one of Apple’s most intricate product releases in the past decade. Initially, Apple plans to exclusively sell the Vision Pro at its retail outlets, where potential buyers will have the opportunity to test the product and select the Light Seal for a comfortable and secure fit.

In meticulous preparation for a seamless launch, Apple has been sending its US-based retail employees to Cupertino headquarters for training. According to Gurman, on January 21, Apple’s retail staff will undergo a comprehensive three-hour briefing on the demo and sales processes. Subsequently, in the following week, retail stores are set to receive new inventory racks and backroom equipment specifically tailored for the upcoming Vision Pro launch.

Although Apple initially stated that the Vision Pro would not be available in other countries until later in 2024, Gurman suggests that Apple might be accelerating the launch in additional regions. According to his insights, Apple is contemplating the release of the Vision Pro in China, the UK, and Canada shortly after its successful debut in the US.

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