Apex Legends Collaborates with Post Malone for New Event

It’s been two days since the release of Apex Legends Season 19, and I’m aware that you’ve been busy exploring Conduit and her shield healing abilities. However, it’s time to get ready for the first and biggest collaboration in Apex Legends history. As teased in October, the renowned singer Post Malone has teamed up with Apex Legends to introduce not only new cosmetics but also an exciting limited-time mode. Here are all the event details.

Details of Apex Legends x Post Malone Event

For those who may not know, Austin Richard Post, widely known as Post Malone, is a huge fan of Apex Legends. During the lockdown period, he streamed the game on Twitch and had the opportunity to play with well-known streamers like iiTzTimmy. Now, iiTzAusty has brought an in-game partnership for what they are calling “two weeks of beautiful mayhem.

The Apex Legends x Post Malone event is scheduled to kick off on November 7th and will run through November 21st. In a fashion reminiscent of Fortnite, this collaboration introduces a new “Iconic” skin tier, identifiable by its teal color in the game. These skins, designed in partnership with and inspired by Post Malone, are available for Octane, Wraith, Horizon, and Lifeline. Each skin showcases unique features, such as Wraith’s face tattoos and Octane’s undeniable swagger.

Furthermore, the event will feature additional cosmetics for weapons and event-themed stickers. Respawn has mentioned that players who unlock all 20 event-themed stickers, available starting on November 7th, will be rewarded with three Legendary stickers.

Alongside the Iconic skins, bundles, and stickers, the event will provide an opportunity to acquire free cosmetics from a rewards shop, reminiscent of the compute nodes from Season 17. To claim these rewards, you’ll have to acquire “Camo Credits” by fulfilling daily challenges. These credits can be spent in the rewards shop to obtain skins, banners, battle pass levels, and various other items.

How Three Strikes Limited-Time Mode (LTM) in Apex Legends Works ?

Alongside the typical in-game cosmetic store, the Apex Legends x Post Malone event introduces a thrilling new limited-time mode (LTM) called Three Strikes. As the name suggests, this game mode provides players with three opportunities to showcase their skills.

Are you a fan of hot dropping in Apex Legends? If so, you might share the sentiment with some of my friends. However, constantly returning to the lobby after being eliminated isn’t my preferred gameplay. This mode, on the other hand, makes hot-dropping much more enjoyable. You won’t find yourself immediately back in the lobby if your team gets eliminated. Instead, you’ll be resurrected with all your gear, including attachments, armor (with Evo progression), and inventory, ready to face your opponents once more!

In this mode, you have the opportunity to respawn twice and continue the fight. However, if you and your teammates meet their demise for the third time, it’s game over. To intensify the battles and keep things interesting, Respawn has implemented some additional rules.

For starters, you won’t be able to eliminate downed enemies in this mode. They are absolutely invincible, with no timer for when they’ll expire. This means that if you get downed and your team is distant, you can crawl all the way to them without any worries. In this mode, there’s no need for sweaty Wraiths to swap shields. However, you do have the option to bail out, much like you can do in the Firing Range.

Another notable feature is the lightning-fast revives in the Three Strikes game mode. It only takes about two seconds to get your teammate back into the action with around 70HP, fully prepared to assist your squad and aim for that Champion title. It’s like being able to rapidly revive using Lifeline’s passive in front of your foes, rendering them powerless (😭).

You might be wondering how the late-game scenarios will unfold in this mode. Will squads swoop in as the Round 6 ring tightens? I hate to burst your bubble, but as we approach the late game, the Strikes feature will be disabled. I won’t reveal all the details, though, as I want you to have some surprises to uncover when you dive into this game mode next week.

Are you thrilled for some intense and action-packed games in the new Three Strikes LTM? Which Post Malone song will you be jamming to while taking down enemy squads? Whatever song you choose, make sure to add “Too Cool to Die” to your playlists.

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