14-inch M3 MacBook Pro Secures #1 Rank in DxOMark Rankings!

When it comes to reliable hardware assessments, DxOMark stands as a leading authority. In their evaluations, the website consistently rates a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and speakers. Recently, DxOMark updated its rankings for the best laptops available today based on its rigorous testing.

The latest findings reveal that Apple’s new M3 Pro-based MacBook Pro (14-inch, M3 Pro, 2023) has claimed the top spot with a total of 148 points. The new MacBook Pro (M3) excels across various testing categories, boasting top scores in camera performance (specifically the front webcam), display quality, and the overall multimedia experience for music and video.

As per the testing details, the MacBook Pro (M3) boasts an exceptional front camera, earning a top score of 135 points in laptop cameras. Its display achieves an impressive 156 points, while the speakers receive praise for their “outstanding audio dynamics & pleasant tonal balance,” earning 144 points. Given the exceptional quality of its mini-LED display, it’s no wonder that DxOMark awarded this laptop the highest score for music and video experiences.

AzMo Tech’s Take: Is the M3 MacBook Pro Really The Best Laptop?

MacBooks, while impressive, come with notable differences that might not suit everyone. Gaming enthusiasts, for instance, might find limitations on macOS. Despite titles like Resident Evil Village and Shadow of the Tomb Raider making their way to macOS, gaming capabilities on this platform can be limited. Emulation might help, but many popular games, like Valorant, simply don’t function. Even for casual gamers, the lack of native macOS games could be disappointing.

If macOS limitations don’t affect you and you’re content with MacBook-optimized software and games, the MacBook Pro could be an ideal choice. However, if these drawbacks pose an issue, fear not! There’s a vast array of remarkable Windows laptops available. Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio 3, for instance, boasts an innovative design and impressive specs, featuring up to Nvidia RTX 4060 graphics!

What do you make of DxOMark’s decision to place the new M3 MacBook Pro at the top spot? Do you concur with their assessments and scores? If not, which laptop do you believe holds the title for the best available right now? Share your opinions in the comments section down under!

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