How to Survive Cold and Hot Temperatures in LEGO Fortnite

Mastering survival amidst extreme temperatures is among the most challenging tasks in LEGO Fortnite. Exposure to either high cold or scorching heat can gradually inflict damage upon the player. While monitoring the degrees through the temperature bar on the top left side of the screen is straightforward, knowing how to effectively manage these conditions poses a challenge. However, worry not; we’re here to assist. Let’s delve into strategies for surviving both cold and hot temperatures in LEGO Fortnite without delay.

Surviving Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures in LEGO Fortnite become a concern when you’re outside at night, during rainfall, or while exploring Frostland biomes. As you approach the Frostlands, a ‘You are cold‘ warning will appear, gradually progressing into a freezing effect.

Exposure to freezing conditions leads to increased damage and slower movement within the game. To effectively manage both cold and freezing states in LEGO Fortnite, employ the following methods:

1. Campfire & Torch

Upon commencing LEGO Fortnite, you’ll swiftly learn how to craft a campfire, a convenient means to keep warm at night. Crafting a campfire requires only 3 wood. However, it’s essential to note that the warmth effect diminishes if the campfire isn’t under a roof.

Another method to stay warm while traversing the night or exploring caves involves crafting a torch. To create a torch, you’ll need 3 wood and 5 vines, but a Crafting Bench is necessary for this. Despite its usefulness, the torch does not generate enough warmth to eliminate the freezing effect. Nevertheless, it proves highly beneficial once night descends.

2. Chili Pepper

While the campfire and torch prove beneficial during nighttime, they fall short in protecting you from the true winter elements, particularly when facing snowstorms. When journeying beyond the Grasslands into the freezing Frostlands, more robust methods for cold resistance become essential. A quick solution at your disposal is the spicy chili pepper.

Venture into the Dry Valley or scout treasure chests scattered across the map to acquire the spicy chili pepper or pepper seed. Consuming a raw chili pepper grants +2 Minutes of Cold Resistance. It’s important to note that the effects don’t stack; consuming two peppers only yields 2 minutes of effect. However, there are ways to amplify the pepper’s effectiveness, so let’s explore further.

3. Spicy Burger

The Chili pepper offers a degree of protection in the early stages of Frostland exploration but can be enhanced to provide even greater cold resistance. To achieve this, consider creating a spicy burger that incorporates the pepper. However, this necessitates unlocking the grill first.

Once you’ve crafted a grill, assemble a spicy burger using 1 Flour, 1 Meat, and 1 Spicy Pepper. Consuming a spicy burger will afford you +10 Minutes of Cold Resistance, significantly prolonging your protection against the harsh cold.

4. Inner Fire Charm

In LEGO Fortnite, while the previously mentioned items offer temporary warmth, a more lasting solution to combat cold lies in the use of charms. Specifically, an inner fire charm serves as a key tool for enduring permanent cold temperatures within the game.

Crafting a rare inner fire charm requires 3 Wool Threads, 5 Cut Rubies, 8 Brightcore, and 3 Blast Core. Alternatively, an epic inner fire charm can be crafted using 3 Heavy Wool Thread, 30 Brightcore, 10 Blast Core, and 1 Frost Brute Scale.

Employing these charms in LEGO Fortnite guarantees a heightened level of cold resistance, enabling effortless survival in cold temperature environments.

Surviving Hot Temperatures

Similar to cold temperatures, excessive heat in LEGO Fortnite brings its own set of disadvantages for players. Depending on the region explored, players may encounter either the ‘You are Hot‘ or ‘Burning‘ warning. These warnings can surface in diverse locations, such as the Dry Valley or Lava Caves.

While the impact of hot temperatures is less severe compared to cold, it can still cause damage if the player lacks heat resistance items. To effectively endure extreme heat in LEGO Fortnite, follow these steps:

1. Snow Berry

For managing temporary heat challenges, the snowberry serves as an excellent resource in LEGO Fortnite. Consumption of a snowberry provides temporary survival in normal hot temperatures. It’s advisable to gather a stash of these before venturing into the Dry Valley.

To locate snowberries, explore the outskirts of Frostland and seek out bushes emitting a blue glow. Additionally, snowberries and snowberry seeds can be discovered in treasure chests scattered across the map.

Consuming a snowberry bestows +2 Minutes of Heat Resistance. Yet, akin to the chili pepper, the effects do not stack, so ensure you store additional snowberries for later use.

2. Snowberry Shake

What could be better than a solitary fruit? Transforming it into a refreshing shake, naturally. To endure the scorching heat of Dry Valley for an extended period, craft yourself a bottle of snowberry juice. However, this necessitates acquiring a juicer beforehand.

Upon obtaining a juicer, concoct snowberry juice by combining 2 Snowberries with 1 Milk. Imbibe the invigorating snowberry shake to acquire +10 Minutes of Heat Resistance. It’s advisable to prepare extra and carry it along to endure the blistering temperatures in the game.

3. Cool-Headed Charm

Similar to combating cold temperatures, a lasting solution exists for surviving hot temperatures in LEGO Fortnite. Crafting a cool-headed charm offers permanent relief from the heat.

To create an uncommon cool-headed charm, gather 3 Silk Threads, 1 Marble, and 3 Sand Shells. Alternatively, for a rare cool-headed charm, you’ll need 3 Heavy Wool Threads, 5 Frost Shells, 3 Malachite Slabs, and 1 Sand Brute Scale.

Once crafted, these charms furnish remarkable heat resistance, ensuring a cool and comfortable experience amidst the game’s scorching temperatures.

That covers the fundamentals of surviving extreme temperatures in LEGO Fortnite. Armed with this guide, perhaps it’s time to seek out the game’s finest weapons and conquer its most formidable creatures. Should you still harbor any uncertainties about staying warm or cool within the game, don’t hesitate to ask. Drop your questions in the comments below!

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