How to Get Cut Amber in LEGO Fortnite

Amber shards serve as a crucial material in LEGO Fortnite, essential for crafting key utilities such as the Essence table and various important totems. Obtaining cut amber, though uncommon, significantly aids progression during the mid-game, especially when facing formidable foes and challenging terrains. If you’re having trouble locating this resource, fret not! We’ve outlined several methods to acquire cut amber in LEGO Fortnite below.

Making Cut Amber in LEGO Fortnite

1. Finding Rough Amber in Dry Valley

In LEGO Fortnite, the first step to obtaining cut amber involves discovering rough ambers. These precious stones exclusively appear in the dry valley within the desert biome. Exploring the map becomes crucial to identify these desolate areas. Bear in mind the extreme heat of this environment and ensure you’re adequately prepared to withstand it.

Upon arrival, keep an eye out for yellow stones protruding from the mountains and utilize your Uncommon Pickaxe to mine them effectively.

Creating a Gem Cutter necessitates the use of rough ambers, as it’s the sole method to obtain cut amber. Therefore, it’s vital to gather a substantial amount of rough ambers before advancing to the subsequent stage.

2. Building a Gem Cutter

To construct the Gem Cutter after gathering rough amber in the dry valley, you’ll require additional resources. This includes 20 marble slabs, 5 rough ambers, 5 sand claws, and 3 sand shells. These materials are essential for assembling the Gem Cutter, an essential tool in the process of obtaining cut amber.

  • Once you’ve gathered all the necessary ingredients, press the build button (Q on PC, Circle on PS, and B on Xbox).
  • Next, choose the tall green machine with a white roof and position it on the ground by clicking. This machine is the Gem Cutter.

3. Crafting Cut Amber

  • Face the Gem Cutter Bench and press the interact button (E on PC, Square/X on consoles).
  • Choose the cut amber recipe and select “quick deposit” to input the required ingredients. Use the + button (D-pad on consoles) to add the rough amber to the machine.
  • Wait for the processing to finish, then select the “Take” option (W on PC, Y on Xbox, Triangle on PS4/5) to collect the processed amber.
Note: Remember that each rough amber converts into one cut amber, and the machine can only handle a maximum of 30 marbles at a time during the deposit.

Getting Cut Amber from Your Villagers

If the constant polishing of rough ambers has left your hands rough, why not delegate the refining task to your companion villagers? This frees you up to explore the world and engage in other activities.

Before seeking help from villagers, ensure you’ve constructed the Gem Cutter in your village. Additionally, unlocking the cut amber recipe necessitates obtaining rough ambers from the dry valley. Once these prerequisites are met, assigning villagers to the cut amber job in LEGO Fortnite is straightforward. Here’s how:

1. Assigning Gem Collecting Job

  • Approach any of your recruited villagers and press the interact button (E on PC, Square on PS, X on Xbox).
  • Choose the “Let’s talk jobs!” option from the chat menu.
  • Then, select “Help the village.
  • From the subsequent prompt, select “Refining Jobs.
  • Finally, choose “Collect Gems” to initiate your villager’s task of refining gems.

2. Getting Cut Amber from Villager

After assigning a villager to gather gems, they’ll need some time to produce the necessary materials. This process typically spans an in-game day, roughly translating to around 30 minutes in real-time. To collect the cut ambers from your villagers, follow these steps:

  • Locate the villager you previously assigned the job to and press the interact button (E on PC, Square on PS, X on Xbox).
  • Choose the “How’s your job?” option from the chat prompt.
  • You’ll see the available resources from villagers. Select the “Get Cut Amber” option to add the refined resource directly to your inventory.

Collect those gleaming cut ambers and stow them away in your medium chests within LEGO Fortnite. Share in the comments what your initial creation will be using the cut amber!

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