How to Get Rough Amber in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite presents an exciting gaming experience where continuously discovering new resources is key to upgrading your tools. Among these valuable resources is rough amber, which, when refined into cut amber, serves as a vital component for enhancing structures and unlocking valuable recipes. If you’re struggling to locate and acquire rough amber within LEGO Fortnite, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This guide details the locations where you can find rough amber and the necessary tools required for mining it.

Finding Rough Amber

To acquire rough ambers in LEGO Fortnite, head to the dry valley or desert biome regions. Since there’s no direct method to locate or teleport to specific biomes or caves in the game, exploration is key to reaching the desert area.

Upon reaching the desert, search for mountains within the landscape. You’ll spot clusters of yellow stones embedded in the mountain walls, these are the rough amber stones you’re seeking. With the appropriate tools at your disposal, you can mine these stones and gather rough amber.

Essential Equipment for Rough Amber Mining

To break the rough amber ore and collect it, you’ll require an Uncommon or higher variant of the Pickaxe, similar to collecting marble. Follow these steps to craft it. Additionally, it’s crucial to have Frost Berries or a cool-headed charm to counteract the warm weather.

We strongly advise carrying extra wood with you. This wood will prove useful for constructing stairs, enabling access to higher mountainous areas before initiating the rough amber mining process.

1. Upgrading Your Crafting Bench

Prior to crafting an Uncommon Pickaxe, you must upgrade your crafting bench to level 2. This upgrade requires 8 planks and 3 shells. Here’s a detailed walkthrough to achieve this.

  • Access your Crafting Bench and navigate to the Bench Upgrade tab.
  • Then, if you possess the required ingredients, click the upgrade button (F key on PC, X on Xbox, Square on PS, and Y on Switch).

2. Crafting Uncommon Pickaxe

After upgrading the bench, it’s time to forge the uncommon pickaxe. First, gather 3 knotroot rods and 3 bones to begin the crafting process. Transform the knotroot into knotroot rods at the Lumber Mill before following the steps below:

  • Navigate to your Crafting Bench and locate the Uncommon Pickaxe recipe.
  • Next, click the craft button (F key on PC, X on Xbox, Square on PS, and Y on Switch) to create an Uncommon Pickaxe.

LEGO Fortnite: Rough Amber Importance

Acquiring rough amber unlocks numerous new recipes and upgrade options, facilitating mid-game progression. Once obtained, consider constructing a Gem Cutter, essential for refining stones like Cut Amber. This Cut Amber becomes invaluable for crafting and upgrading various tools.

However, it’s crucial not to exhaust all your rough ambers in the Gem Cutter, as they have multiple uses, such as building vehicles, charms, new structures, and more. For instance, upgrading your village to level 9 requires rough amber. Additionally, Cut Amber, combined with flexwood rods, becomes necessary for further village upgrades.

After accumulating a substantial amount of rough amber, it’s wise to construct medium chests and deposit them for safekeeping. What’s the initial tool you plan to craft using the rough amber? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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