How to Acquire Planks in LEGO Fortnite

Planks are a foundational crafting material in LEGO Fortnite, essential for various early-game items. They serve as the building blocks for crafting storage chests and upgrading structures and tools. Here are two straightforward ways to acquire planks in LEGO Fortnite.

Making Planks in LEGO Fortnite

In the initial stages of playing LEGO Fortnite, you can start by harvesting wood from bushes and small trees. Additionally, explore the surroundings to collect granites, which will be essential for constructing the Lumber Mill.

1. Building a Lumber Mill

To construct a lumber mill, gather 8 pieces of wood and 15 granites. When you’ve gathered enough resources, press the build button (Q on PC, Circle on PS, and B on Xbox). From the options, select the white machine with a prominent cogwheel in the center and place it on the ground.

2. Making Planks in Lumber Mill

Once you’ve constructed the lumber mill, here’s how to craft planks within it:

  • Face the Lumber Mill and press the interact button (E on PC, Square/X on consoles).
  • Choose the plank recipe and use the interact button to confirm your selection.
  • Opt for a quick deposit to input the required ingredients. Increase the amount of wood using the + button (D-pad on consoles), noting that each wood yields one plank.
  • Once the processing is complete, select the “Take” option (W on PC, Y on Xbox, Triangle on PS4/5) to collect the planks.

Getting Planks from Villagers

Apart from handling tasks individually, collaborating with others is possible, thanks to the villager companions in LEGO Fortnite. You have the option to assign tasks to the villagers, and in return, claim planks or various other rewards from them.

1. Assigning a Job

To allocate tasks for obtaining planks, follow these steps:

  • Approach any of your enlisted villagers and use the interact button (E on PC, Square/X on consoles).
  • Choose the “Let’s talk jobs!” option from the conversation menu.
  • Then, opt for “Help the village.
  • In the subsequent menu, select “Resource Jobs” and then pick “Refine Wood!” to assign the task.

2. Getting Resource Rewards

After assigning the task of refining woods to a villager, they’ll require some time to complete the job and generate the necessary resources. This process may take up to one in-game day, approximately equivalent to around 30 minutes in real time. To retrieve the resource rewards from the villagers, here’s what you do:

  • Approach the villager you previously tasked with refining woods and activate the interaction by pressing the interact button (E on PC, Square/ X on consoles).
  • Opt for the “How’s your job?” choice from the chat prompt.
  • Subsequently, you’ll be presented with the resources available from that villager. Choose the “Get Plank” option to acquire planks added directly to your inventory.

That covers everything you need to know about obtaining planks in LEGO Fortnite. Share in the comments which method you prefer for collecting planks. Additionally, if you cultivate knotroots in LEGO Fortnite and unlock them in your lumber mill, villagers will also provide knotroot rods as part of their resource rewards.

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