How to Acquire Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite

Flexwood holds significant importance in LEGO Fortnite, essential for weapon upgrades and crafting new tools. Due to its rarity, locating this wood type proves challenging in the game. There are several key factors to consider when venturing into the wild to acquire flexwood. To assist you in this endeavor, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide detailing the steps to find flexwood in LEGO Fortnite.

Finding Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite

Flexwood happens to be one of the more readily accessible resources within the expansive world of LEGO Fortnite. You can discover flexwood logs by harvesting the cactus plants within the desert biome, specifically in the dry valley.

Cacti, the source of flexwood, are scattered throughout the desert, making them relatively easy to spot. Unlike other resources that may require cave exploration, flexwood collection does not demand such endeavors. However, be mindful that navigating the desert biome can present challenges due to its scorching heat and newly introduced dangers.

To counter the intense heat in the desert biome, we suggest bringing Frost Berries or acquiring a cool-headed charm. Crafting a cool-headed charm requires 3 silk threads, 1 marble, and 3 sand shells.

As cacti are plentiful in the dry valley biome, entering the desert ensures a bountiful inventory of flexwood logs. Much like the regeneration of grassland trees, destroyed cacti will also regrow. Revisit the same areas after some time to gather more flexwood if needed.

Making Rare Forest Axe to Farm Flexwood

Having located the cacti, it’s crucial to acquire a Rare Forest Axe to harvest the flexwood effectively. Any forest axe below the rare rarity won’t suffice for this task.

To craft a rare forest axe, gather 5 cut amber and 3 knotroot rods. Obtaining these ingredients might require additional resources. Follow these steps to gather the necessary resources and craft the required tools:

1. Building a Lumber Mill and Get Knotroot Rod

To obtain knotroot rods required for the Rare Forest Axe, start by constructing a Lumber Mill. Use 8 wood and 15 granite to build the Lumber Mill by pressing the build button (Q on PC, Circle on PS, and B on Xbox), then placing it on the ground.

Explore the caves within LEGO Fortnite to gather knotroots. Deposit these knotroots into the Lumber Mill and adjust the quantity needed for the rods. After processing, retrieve the knotroot rods using the Take option (W on PC, Y on Xbox, and Triangle on PS4/5).

2. Building a Gem Cutter Bench and Get Cut Amber

To craft the rare forest axe, you’ll require cut amber. However, obtaining cut amber involves first finding rough amber within the desert biome.

  • Once you’ve collected rough amber, construct a Gem Cutter Bench using 20 marble slabs, 5 rough ambers, 5 sand claws, and 3 sand shells.
  • Interact with the Gem Cutter Bench by pressing the interact button (E on PC, Square on PS, and X on consoles).
  • Choose the “Cut Amber” recipe and use quick deposit to input the required ingredients. Note that one rough amber converts to one cut amber.
  • Upon completion of the processing, collect the cut amber by selecting the Take option (W on PC, Y on Xbox, Triangle on PS).

3. Crafting Rare Forest Axe in LEGO Fortnite

Once you’ve secured the cut amber and knotroot rods, access the crafting bench. Select the Rare Forest Axe and click the Craft button located at the bottom right (F key on PC, X on Xbox, Square on PS, and Y on Switch).

Ensure you gather multiple Rare Forest Axes before venturing into the dry valley’s wild west. Having several axes handy will be beneficial if you plan to harvest numerous cacti in the deserts.

Note: To unlock the Rare Forest Axe recipe, upgrading to a rare crafting bench is essential. This upgrade requires 12 knotroot rods, 15 marble slabs, 6 sand claws, and 3 sand shells for your uncommon crafting bench.

The Significance of Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite

Flexwood stands as a pivotal resource in the mid-game phase of LEGO Fortnite. Crafting flexwood rods via the Lumber Mill unlocks numerous weapon upgrades. These rods become instrumental in creating rare pickaxes, rare recurve crossbows, and uncommon knight shields.

Beyond facilitating crafting and weapon enhancements, flexwood plays a crucial role in village advancement. Utilizing flexwood allows you to upgrade your village to level 9, while flexwood rods enable progression to level 10. Moreover, flexwood unveils intriguing vehicle recipes. Stay tuned for our upcoming guide on crafting boats in LEGO Fortnite!

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