Valorant Spike Guide: 8 Interesting Things to Explore

Referred to as a search-and-destroy or plant-and-defuse mode, the traditional bomb planting and defusing gameplay is a beloved choice among FPS enthusiasts. When Riot Games introduced their FPS game, anticipation rose to know if it would feature a bomb mechanism akin to Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. Valorant responded with the Spike, a triangular object pivotal to gamers’ thrilling encounters, adding depth and excitement to countless hours of strategic chaos. In this guide, we’ll delve into crucial details about the Spike in Valorant.

Understanding Spike in Valorant

The Spike, also referred to as the bomb, stands as the key game-winning device in Valorant. As attackers plant the Spike, defenders aim to defuse it to secure the round victory. Notably, the Spike emits a distinctive sound cue upon activation at its planted or defuse site, serving as an audible alert audible even from afar. Detailed below are essential aspects of Spike planting and defusing in Valorant.

Moreover, each instance of planting or defusing the Spike grants one ultimate point, facilitating a quicker buildup to your ultimate ability compared to others. When defenders are unable to defuse the Spike, it generates a lethal black sphere capable of instantly eliminating any caught player within its 35-meter range. This ominous sphere presents an unavoidable threat, barring certain abilities.

Guide to Planting the Spike in Valorant

1. Spike Planting Timer

The timer for Valorant rounds starts at 100 seconds, marking the duration within which the Spike can be planted. Failing to plant within this timeframe results in a round loss.

When carrying the Spike to a site, press and hold the default ‘4’ key to initiate the planting process. The plant action takes a total of 4 seconds to complete. If the button is released before completion, the process will cancel, requiring a restart of the full 4-second planting duration.

2. Dropping the Spike

In Valorant, support role players often take on the responsibility of planting the Spike. However, if you’re a duelist concentrating on combat, you can pass the Spike to your teammates. Additionally, before embarking on a lurk, you can safely drop the Spike in Valorant. Refer to this guide for instructions on how to drop the Spike.

  1. Press the default 4 key on your keyboard to select the Spike.
  2. Once the Spike is in hand, use the G key (throw weapon) on your keyboard.
  3. Your teammate can pick up the Spike by focusing on it and pressing the F button (interact) on their keyboard, or by walking over it.

3. Plant Locations (Sites)

Valorant features a variety of maps, each with its distinct layout and size. However, attackers are limited in their ability to plant the Spike randomly across the map. Specific designated areas known as “sites” or “plant locations” are the only viable spots for Spike planting.

During a game, press the M key to open the map interface. The highlighted zones marked in yellow on the map indicate the exclusive areas where the Spike can be planted (refer to the attached image). Some maps may offer more than two of these designated plant locations.

4. Planting Spike with Wingman

Avoiding being shot while planting the Spike in Valorant? Enter Gekko, an agent introduced by Riot Games, specifically designed to assist in these nail-biting situations. Gekko comes equipped with a helpful companion known as the Wingman, a charming yellow blob that can aid in planting the Spike.

To utilize the Wingman for Spike planting, select Gekko, as he possesses this unique ability. With the Wingman in hand, direct your view towards the Spike location and press the right mouse button (alt fire). This command prompts the Wingman to move forward and initiate the Spike plant.

Similar to other characters, Wingman requires four seconds to complete the planting process. However, it’s essential to note that if enemies eliminate the Wingman while it’s heading to the planting spot or in the midst of planting, the Spike will immediately drop at that location.

Guide to Difusing the Spike in Valorant

5. Time Takes to Defuse Spike

Defusing the Spike in Valorant is time-sensitive. You have 45 seconds after the Spike is planted to initiate and complete the defusal process. To start defusing, stand on the Spike’s location and press the 4 key on your keyboard.

Once the defusal process begins, it takes 7 seconds to completely defuse the Spike. Understanding and managing this 7-second duration is pivotal during gameplay, as detailed in the following section.

6. Fake and Half Spike Defuse

In Valorant, there’s an undisclosed mechanic known as the Half Defuse for the Spike. While the full defusal takes 7 seconds, there’s an option for a halfway point in the process.

Unlike planting, where releasing the button resets the action, defusing allows you to perform it in two stages. You can start defusing, hold it for 3.5 seconds (the halfway point), pause, and resume later to complete the remaining 3.5 seconds.

Additionally, by starting and temporarily stopping the defuse, you can trick opponents regarding your commitment to the Spike, potentially revealing their positions or disrupting their strategy.

7. Ninja Defuse in Valorant

Defusing the Spike can be challenging, especially when you’re faced with multiple enemies guarding it. In such situations, various agents in Valorant can disrupt the enemy’s coverage. Unlike Counter-Strike where you can smoke the bomb or enemies while defusing, Valorant offers a range of abilities including smokes, blinds, and protective measures.

Agents like Fade or Omen excel at denying the sound of the Spike, providing a tactical advantage in these scenarios. Additionally, the newest agent, ISO, can create a shield around the Spike, offering a defensive advantage while defusing.

8. Defusing Spike with Wingman

Having trouble with defusing the Spike, even after discovering the Ninja Defuse technique? Fear not, because once again, Wingman can come to your aid. Just like planting, Wingman can defuse the Spike in Valorant.

Simply equip Wingman, direct your view towards the Spike, and press the right mouse button. Wingman will head towards the Spike and initiate the defusing process. Similar to planting, Wingman can be eliminated, halting the defusal. However, Wingman can complete half of the defusal, allowing another player to finish the remaining duration.

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