Valorant Champions Tour 2024: Everything You Need To Know

As we approach the culmination of the 2023 Valorant Champions, Riot Games has given us a sneak peek into what the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) has in store for 2024. They’ve shared details about changes that will shape the upcoming season, including a revamped player trade system, tournament dates, and locations, as well as the concept of championship points.

Valorant Champions Tour 2024 Calendar

Looking ahead to 2024, we’ll see a few teams making notable moves. The Guard, Gentle Mates, and Bleed Esports are among those who have joined VCT-partnered teams for the International leagues. They’ve secured their spots and will be part of the Valorant partnership for the next two years.

VCT 2024 Format

The VCT 2024 will be divided into three main stages: International+Global, Tier-2/Challengers, and Tier-3/Grassroots/Premier. Within each International League stage, a two-week tournament will take place. The top eight teams from these events will proceed to Major or Global Tournaments such as Masters Madrid or Masters Shanghai. The journey to qualify for the Champions Tournament takes a different route (explained later in the article).

VCT 2024 Schedule and Locations

The action kicks off with the Kick-Off International League in February 2024. Soon after, the first Valorant Masters event is set to happen in Madrid, Spain (March 2024). Following each Global event, there will be another International League Stage. Later in 2024, the second Masters event will be held in Shanghai, China (May 2024).

Much like the 2023 Valorant Champions that began in August, the 2024 Champions Tournament will also take place in August the following year. The Challengers (Tier-2) matches will be accompanied by playoffs spanning from February to April, and again from May to August. The Challengers Ascension tournament will follow the Champions Tournament (August to December). Additionally, the Game Changers Championship is scheduled for November. After this, the VCT season for 2024 will come to a close, with Ascensions determining the new teams entering the next VCT season.

Valorant Championship Points

Riot has introduced a new system of Championship points, akin to Dota 2’s DPC points. Teams will earn these points based on their performance in International and Global tournaments they participate in. This is seen as a “unifying mechanism” by Valorant. When International League 2 concludes, the points will be tallied, and the top 16 teams will earn their spot in Champions 2024. These Championship points are specific to Valorant Global and International events within the 2024 Champions tour. They’ll serve as a way to gauge teams’ consistency and determine their eligibility for the Champions Tournament.

VCT 2024 Affiliate Partnerships

A fresh player trade rule called the affiliate partnership has been established by Riot’s VCT team for the 2024 season. Under this rule, any Tier-1 (International Leagues) or Tier-2 (Challengers & Game Changers) VCT-partnered team can trade players or even allow temporary loans within their rosters. This offers a greater degree of flexibility, especially considering the extended duration of the Valorant Champions season.

China’s Role in Valorant Champions Tour 2024

China is stepping into the Valorant Champions tour arena. In 2023, China participated in the Masters (Tokyo) and Champions (Los Angeles) tournaments, leaving a significant impact. Both the teams and the audience showcased tremendous potential to the global Valorant community. As part of this, China is set to host the second Masters event of the 2024 VCT in Shanghai.

Additionally, China will launch its own league, paralleling other regional leagues like EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. This will elevate the Chinese league to an official status within Valorant. As China enters Valorant on its first anniversary, it promises to be a valuable addition to the gaming landscape in that region.

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