Unlocking the Art of Lockpicking in Starfield with Digipicks

In Starfield, much like in other action-packed RPGs, the path to securing valuable credits is not as straightforward as merely opening a box. It entails a certain level of finesse and skill. To assist players in navigating this intricate process, the game provides them with a tool known as “digipicks.” These digipicks are essential for manipulating locks scattered throughout the various star systems and planets in the Starfield universe. In this guide, we aim to simplify the complexities of lockpicking in Starfield and provide insights into acquiring and utilizing digipicks effectively. Join us on this journey to uncover the secrets of Starfield’s lockpicking mechanics.

Understanding Lockpicking Mechanics in Starfield

Lockpicking in Starfield revolves around a circular mechanism wherein you employ digipicks to manipulate various layers of locks found throughout the game’s star systems and planets. Each lock comprises multiple concentric layers, and your objective is to strategically insert the digipick pins into the vacant slots of each layer before progressing to the next.

You can adjust the configuration of your digipicks to locate the correct slot and then proceed to insert the key. Be aware that once you’ve locked in the key, removing it will consume one digipick. Additionally, every lock in Starfield requires the use of a digipick. To provide clarity, let’s walk through a lockpicking example.

How to Successfully Lockpick a Safe in Starfield Using Digipicks

However, the best way to truly grasp these concepts is through hands-on experience. Let’s embark on a journey together as we tackle the initial lockpicking challenge encountered in Starfield.

  • To initiate the process, approach the lock and press the “A” button on your controller or the “E” key on your keyboard. If this is your first encounter with lockpicking, you may be greeted by an uninformative tutorial screen, as depicted above. Now, you’ll be faced with a complex arrangement of inner and outer rings merged together. Our objective here is to skillfully insert our digipicks into the vacant slots within the lock.

  • Rotate the digipick by using either the controller or the mouse, aligning it precisely with the unoccupied layers within the lock. Once you have achieved a seamless fit, confirm your selection, and the first layer will be successfully resolved, revealing access to the subsequent layer.
  • Should the initial digipick choice prove ineffective, keep in mind that you possess a supply of additional digipicks at your disposal. It’s worth noting that more challenging locks may include keys that are not necessary for unlocking, so exercise caution and choose wisely.

  • Similarly, persist in adjusting the digipicks until you locate the appropriate slot within the lock. Once you’ve accomplished this, proceed to insert the key by utilizing the primary button on your mouse or controller.

  • Continue following the outlined steps, aligning the digipicks with the final layer to successfully unlock the mechanism and access the coveted loot.

  • With these steps completed, you’ve achieved your first successful lockpick in Starfield. Keep in mind that, depending on the security level, you may encounter progressively challenging locks as you progress in the game.

Where to Find Digipicks in Starfield

Fortunately, digipicks are not a scarce commodity in the Starfield universe. You initially obtain these essential lockpicking tools when you come across the remains of Xenobiologist Dr. Hayden Wynn. Subsequently, you will acquire additional digipicks and utilize them in a puzzle that presents itself shortly after.

Moreover, digipicks can be sourced from various outlets, both living and inanimate. Acquiring a set of lockpicks is as simple as visiting a general store and purchasing them for 35 credits. An example of such a location is the Mercantile Shop in New Atlantis.

If your character possesses the Theft skill, granted by your chosen Starfield background, you can discreetly acquire digipicks through pickpocketing from other individuals. Additionally, you may stumble upon digipicks while scavenging from the possessions of deceased individuals, much like your initial encounter with Dr. Hayden Wynn. Remember that proficiency in the “Security Skill” will prove valuable, allowing you to tackle more complex locks and even gain access to auto-unlocking mechanisms if you have an aversion to manual lockpicking in Starfield.

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