Top PS5 Black Friday 2023 Deals: Consoles, Games & Accessories

As the year approaches its end and the festive spirit kicks in, it’s that time again, Black Friday. Amidst an array of products available at significant discounts, our spotlight today falls on the Sony PlayStation 5 and the fantastic deals it offers this season. To assist your budget, we’ve scoured the internet to compile the finest PS5 Black Friday deals for 2023. Without delay, let’s dive into the shopping spree.

Top PS5 Console Black Friday Deals

We’re kicking off with the console itself. The Sony PlayStation 5 is currently offered at discounted prices across various retailers. Below, we’ve compiled the best PS5 Black Friday deals available from different sources. Take a look:

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle: PlayStation 5 Console Disc (Slim)

A standout deal this season is the PS5 Slim bundle featuring Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This package includes the sleek new slim console bundled with the highly acclaimed Spider-Man 2 game. The bundle features a full game digital voucher for Spider-Man 2, which has garnered praise from both gamers and the gaming community. This offer is available at various retailers such as Amazon and BestBuy, giving you multiple options to choose from.

Purchase on Amazon for $499.00, reduced from $559.99 (11% off).
Purchase on BestBuy for $499.00, reduced from $559.99 (11% off).

2. PlayStation 5 Console Disc (Slim) with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Bundle

Although Modern Warfare III faced criticism for its campaign, it remains a solid choice for Call of Duty enthusiasts and gamers seeking casual FPS action. This PS5 bundle includes the Lockpick Operator Pack alongside the game’s digital voucher for easy redemption. Additionally, the bundle includes the PS5 Slim console and a DualSense controller.

Purchase on Amazon for $499.00, marked down from $559.99 (11% off).

3. Digital Edition of PlayStation 5 – God of War: Ragnarok Bundle

While these PS5 deals are exceptional, they might not accommodate players looking to include a friend. Luckily, this PS5 digital edition bundle includes all of that and more. Alongside the console, this bundle offers an additional DualSense controller for just a slight increase in price.

Moreover, the extra controller features a camouflage grey design. What’s more enticing is the inclusion of God of War Ragnarok, recognized as one of the standout games of 2022. If you’re considering, this enticing deal awaits your purchase.

Purchase on Walmart for $509.99, reduced from $534 (5% off).

4. PlayStation 5 Disc Console (2020) – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle

The allure of the new PS5 Slim is undeniable. However, many new gamers prefer the classic console experience. Fortunately, there are numerous PS5 bundle Black Friday deals available for the traditional chunky PS5, all at substantial discounts across leading online retailers. Each purchase includes a digital voucher for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience. Ensure you grab this irresistible offer before it’s gone.

Purchase on Amazon for $499.00, reduced from $559.99 (11% off).
Purchase on BestBuy for $499.00, reduced from $559.99 (11% off).

Top Black Friday Deals for PS5 Games

Apart from the console bundles, numerous popular AAA titles are currently enjoying substantial discounts. These discounted games span various genres and cater to diverse interests. Below, we’ve compiled a diverse selection for you to explore. Take a glance and pick out what captures your interest.

Elden Ring

Absolutely! Elden Ring, the punishing yet enthralling RPG inspired by Dark Souls, thrusts players into a perilous and dynamic fantasy world. As the protagonist, your mission is to engage in battles, conquer formidable bosses, and ascend to become the Elden Lord.

If you’re up for the challenge, the physical copy of Elden Ring is currently enjoying a substantial discount on Amazon. It’s an opportune moment to seize the game and embark on your epic journey.

Buy on Amazon ($59.99 $39.97, 33% off).

Gran Turismo 7 Standard Edition

Absolutely! For racing enthusiasts, Gran Turismo 7 stands as a testament to immersive and detailed gameplay. Boasting an extensive collection of over 500 cars and 35+ tracks, this game offers a diverse range of automobiles and captivating racing experiences. If you’ve been eyeing GT7, now’s the time to make a move, the game is currently available at a substantial discount on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon ($69.99 $39.99, 43% off).

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Absolutely! Ghost of Tsushima is an immersive adventure set in ancient Japan, chronicling the Samurai’s fight against Mongol invaders. Following Jin Sakai’s transformation from a defender to a complex character, the game offers stunning visuals, a captivating narrative, and intense combat. Currently, it’s one of the most appealing PS5 Black Friday game deals available.

Buy on Amazon ($69.99 $29.99, 57% off)

More Fantastic Discounts on PS5 Games

  • Assassins Creed Mirage: ($49,99 $39.99, 20% off)
  • Stray ($39.99 $24.20, 39% off)
  • EA SPORTS FC 24 ($69.99 $34.99, 50% off)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart ($69.99 $29.99, 57% off)
  • The Last of Us Part I ($69.99 $39.99, 43% off)
  • God of War Ragnarök ($69.99 $39.99, 43% off)
  • Horizon Forbidden West ($69.99 $39.99, 43% off)
  • UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection ($49.99 $33.99, 32% off)

Fantastic Deals on PS5 Accessories for Black Friday

Let’s explore some of the top accessories available for the PS5, apart from the console itself.

1. Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller

If you’re aiming for some couch gaming sessions with friends, an additional Dualsense controller is a must. Unfortunately, the PS5 console doesn’t come bundled with an extra controller. Fortunately, there’s a significant discount available for the Dualsense Wireless Controller, making it more affordable to expand your gaming arsenal. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab an additional pair of adaptive triggers for cooperative gaming sessions.

Buy on Amazon ($69.99 $49.00, 30% off)
Buy on BestBuy ($69.99 $49.00, 30% off)

2. Sony INZONE H9 Wireless Noise-Canceling Gaming Headset

Quality audio is crucial for any console gamer, and the Sony Inzone H9 headphones are a significant step in that direction. Offering exceptional 360-degree spatial sound and noise cancellation capabilities, these headphones promise an immersive gaming experience.

What’s more, the Inzone H9s boast an impressive battery life of up to 32 hours, ensuring extended gaming sessions without interruptions. Currently, these headphones are available at a substantial discount on Amazon, so seize the opportunity to enhance your gaming audio setup.

Buy on Amazon ($299.00 $228.00, 24% off)

3. HyperX: Cloud Stinger Wired Gaming Headset

If Sony’s not your preferred brand, several other headsets offer similar performance at a more affordable price. Take the HyperX Cloud Stinger, for instance, a fantastic gaming headset compatible with the PS5. This lightweight option boasts impressive audio quality enhanced by DTS Headphone: X technology.

Beyond exceptional sound, users enjoy signature memory foam and a steel slider, ensuring a personalized and comfortable fit. At just $20, this deal is a real steal for a quality gaming headset.

Buy on BestBuy ($49.99 $19.99, 60% off)

4. Samsung: 990 PRO 2TB Internal SSD

While the PS5 offers a decent storage capacity, it can quickly fill up due to the size of modern games. Fortunately, various reliable PS5 SSDs are part of the Black Friday 2023 sale, including the Samsung 990 Pro.

This 2TB SSD delivers impressive Gen 4 speeds, ensuring super-fast data transfers for all your gaming needs. Equipped with a heatsink to maintain optimal temperature and performance, the 990 Pro SSD not only performs well but also looks sleek. And now, it’s available at a significant discount. If you’re considering this SSD, don’t forget to explore how to install an SSD in your PS5.

Buy on BestBuy ($189.99 $149.99, 21% off)

5. Razer: Nari Ultimate Wireless Gaming Headset

Razer is renowned for its top-notch gaming peripherals, albeit with a higher price tag. However, Black Friday deals present the perfect opportunity to snag desired items at lower prices. Among Razer’s popular headsets, the Nari Ultimate Wireless is currently on a significant sale at BestBuy.

Designed for PS5 compatibility, this headset features Razer HyperSense and THX Spatial Audio, ensuring an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, it boasts cooling gel-infused cushions and a quality microphone for seamless communication. Don’t miss out on this deal!

Buy on Best Buy ($199.99 $89.99, 55% off)

That sums up the current PS5 Black Friday deals. While we’ve highlighted the top offerings, exploring other sources online could reveal even more enticing deals. We’ll continue updating this page with the latest and greatest offers. Stay tuned for additional deals coming your way soon! Found another fantastic offer? Let us know by sharing it in the comments section below!

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