Top Fortnite Peely Skins Ranked

Like any other game, skins are an integral part of Fortnite. While many wonder how many skins are available in Fortnite, some already have their favorites set. Yes, we are talking about none other than the Peely skin line. However, not all Fortnite Peely skins are equally popular. If you’re someone looking for the best Fortnite Peely skin, keep reading as we rank all of them for you here!


Opinions on Cobb being the worst Peely skin are subjective, but many find it uninspiring. Its all-brown appearance lacks the vibrant charm of other Fortnite Peely skins, which often feature distinctive accessories or designs. Moreover, it fails to capture the iconic bright yellow hue that instantly identifies Peely. Perhaps most notably, it’s not even shaped like a banana! Thus, if you choose to pass on this particular Peely skin in Fortnite, it’s entirely understandable.

Peely Bone

Peely Bone may not rank highly among Fortnite fans’ favorite Peely skins. Sporting a basic bone texture, it lacks the imaginative flair seen in other Peely variations. Some players view it as a design lacking in effort compared to counterparts like Agent Peely or Peely in a mecha suit. For those seeking spooky vibes, there are certainly cooler Fortnitemares skins available.


P-1000 offers a fantastic option for Fortnite enthusiasts who adore Peely but crave a unique Terminator-inspired appearance. Transforming Peely into a sleek robot, this skin includes a captivating built-in emote that illuminates. Additionally, it’s a rare find since the Peely Pack containing it doesn’t frequently appear in the item shop. Embrace that banana-shake head and rock it now.

Lil Split

Lil Split stands out as an exceptional Fortnite Peely skin, thanks to its extensive customization options. With five unlockable styles, players can select from various colors and accessories such as headphones and shades. This versatility enables you to showcase your distinct banana split style on the battlefield.


For those seeking a departure from the typical banana look, Unpeely offers a unique twist on the Peely skin in Fortnite. Unlike its counterparts, Unpeely showcases the banana peeled, revealing a mysterious interior. This unconventional appearance sets it apart and may catch opponents off guard. While some may perceive it as simple, it possesses a quirky allure that appeals to Peely enthusiasts. However, if Unpeely’s peculiar appearance doesn’t sit right with you, we can’t argue against skipping it.

Adventure Peely

Adventure Peely presents an enticing option for Fortnite fans fond of Peely skins looking for something different. Combining the traditional bright yellow hue with an adventurous twist, this skin exudes a distinct explorer vibe. The addition of an Indiana Jones-inspired hat and backpack adds an extra layer of coolness. It’s a versatile skin that exudes personality, catering to those craving adventure or simply seeking a whimsical appearance.

Polar Peely

Polar Peely captures the attention of Peely enthusiasts with its refreshing blue makeover, a departure from the usual vibrant yellow. This festive skin, adorned with snowy accents and glowing eyes, is a coveted freebie among many players. While it may be a limited edition, those fortunate enough to possess it cherish Polar Peely for its delightful reinvention of a classic Fortnite character.

Potassius Peels

Potassius Peels may catch some opponents off guard with its unexpected appearance, making it a strategic choice for competitive players. The golden armor provides added resilience in combat, while the cape can offer camouflage in certain environments. Moreover, its novelty factor can prove distracting to adversaries. Of course, it’s entirely plausible that you’re simply drawn to its banana gladiator aesthetic. This Fortnite Peely skin is ideal for those aiming to ascend the ranks in Fortnite.


Kawspeely emerges as a stellar option for Peely aficionados who appreciate adorable styles. Featuring signature KAWS X eyes and oversized ears, this skin injects a unique twist into Peely’s classic appearance. Furthermore, the inclusion of bonus cosmetics like back bling and a glider ensures the cute factor remains prominent.

Agent Peely

Channeling the vibes of a sophisticated Hitman, Agent Peely epitomizes a sleek, covert agent rendition of the iconic character. This distinctive take on Peely adds an element of coolness to the playful banana theme. Serving as the catalyst for a wave of subsequent Peely skins, Agent Peely stands as a true trailblazer. While it may not elevate Fortnite to the status of the best stealth games, this Peely skin remains a must-have for fans seeking a touch of sophistication.

Toon Peely

Among the myriad of toon skins in Fortnite, Toon Peely distinguishes itself with its classic black-and-white cartoon aesthetic. Instantly recognizable, his simplistic design exudes charm, further enhanced by the inclusion of the Nanner Hammer pickaxe, adding a playful touch. Whether you’re a banana enthusiast or simply appreciate timeless aesthetics, Toon Peely reigns supreme.


P33ly stands out as an exceptional Peely skin for Fortnite players who favor a futuristic aesthetic. While retaining the classic Peely base, it introduces a sleek black suit adorned with glowing yellow accents. This distinctive blend sets P33ly apart from its counterparts, exuding a cool, cutting-edge vibe.

Peelosopher Bananocrates

Peelosopher Bananocrates proves to be an intriguing addition to the Fortnite Peely skin collection, particularly appealing to the philosophically inclined. Seamlessly integrating the character with the Chapter 5 Season 2 Greek mythology theme, this skin boasts a cleverly crafted name that aligns with the banana motif. Furthermore, the inclusion of a toga, sandals, and philosopher tools back bling contributes to its distinctive appearance.


Sometimes, it’s the classics that reign supreme, and Classic Peely unquestionably holds the top spot for various reasons. As the original embodiment of the Peely phenomenon, it serves as the cornerstone of the franchise. Its iconic simplicity, represented by a bright banana without embellishments, ensures instant recognition on the battlefield. Peely holds a special significance as the precursor to all beloved Peely variations, solidifying its status as one of the greatest Fortnite skins of all time.

These represent our top picks for the best Peely Fortnite skins available. Disagree with our ranking? Feel free to share your preferred order in the comments section below.

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