Top 5 CS2 Workshop Maps for Current Play

The latest update for Counter-Strike 2 has reintroduced workshop support into the game. This feature was notably absent in CS2, despite its presence in CS:GO. The Counter-Strike 2 workshop community has been actively creating and sharing maps, and we’ve delved into the workshop to find the top five CS2 workshop maps. These maps offer a dose of nostalgia, serve as excellent aim-training grounds, provide opportunities for bhop and surf modes, and more.

Note: Be sure that you are already logged into your Steam ID. Once you've logged in, it's straightforward to learn how to play CS2 workshop maps.

1. Crashz Crosshair Generator for CS2

The Crashz Crosshair Generator workshop map in CS2 is an excellent tool for customizing your crosshair. It was a popular workshop map in the CS:GO days and has now been updated for Counter-Strike 2. The map provides a wide range of options to help you fine-tune your crosshair to your liking.

Keep in mind that your monitor, resolution, and other factors can influence the final appearance of your crosshair. A great way to find the best crosshair in CS2 is to use this map to customize a crosshair from your favorite CS2 pros and streamers or create your own using the map’s tools. Whether you opt for a pro player’s crosshair or create your own, we highly recommend trying out this map in Counter-Strike 2.

You can download the Crashz Crosshair Generator Map here.

2. Aim_Botz Aim Training for CS2

Aim_Botz is a well-known aim training map in Counter-Strike, and it’s great for warming up. The concept is simple: you get on the map and start shooting. The unique aspect is that the opponents don’t shoot back, but they surround you from a distance. You can continuously rotate your mouse around the map, allowing you to practice different aiming techniques.

This map is highly customizable. You can make the bots move around, making it more challenging to hit them and providing a more intensive aim training experience. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of weapons, so you can practice sniping with the AWP or work on your spray control with commonly used guns like the Galil AR, AK47, M4A4, or Famas.

You can download the Aim_Botz Map here.

3. Surf_Rebel_Resistance CS2 Surfing

If you’re a fan of Counter-Strike and haven’t tried surfing in the game, this map in CS2 is a great place to start. While surfing can be challenging, it’s worth the effort to learn. If you’ve experienced surfing in CS:GO or even Team Fortress 2, you’ll find it enjoyable in CS2 as well.

To get started, you’ll need to enable surf commands in-game. Select the Custom game mode when launching this map in Counter-Strike 2, and then follow a guide on surfing commands to enable it in your private server using the developer console of CS2. You can even join community servers in CS2 specifically for surfing. So, if you’re in the mood for some surfing, check out this CS2 map.

You can download the Surf_Rebel_Resistance_CS2 Map here.

4. Bhop_Water CS2 Bhop

Bhopping is another popular custom game mode in many Valve titles, and it involves the art of learning how to air-strafe and time your jumps to bunny hop effectively in Counter-Strike 2. If you’re already familiar with bhopping, that’s great because it’s a challenging skill to master. The map “Bhop_water” is a fun and medium-length bhop map where you can practice bhopping and even do some surfing.

The bhopping scene in CS2 is just beginning, so you can expect more maps to be available soon. Since this map features both bhopping and surfing, you’ll need to enter commands for both modes. You can refer to our developer console guide, linked above, to learn how to enable them.

You can download the Bhop_Water Map here.

5. De_Dust2_Classic CS 1.6 Edition

Do you long for the nostalgia of Counter-Strike 1.6? Before the era of CS:GO and Counter-Strike: Source, the original CS 1.6 set the gold standard for the series. If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to experience the classic de_dust2 map from 1.6, but with the enhanced graphics of the Source 2 engine in Counter-Strike 2, then this CS2 workshop map is perfect for you.

Despite being a legacy map, it features Source 2 lighting, reflections, and shadows, making it a remarkable experience to play with improved graphics on this classic map. It’s not only visually impressive but also a lot of fun. You can download the map using the link below and select the Deathmatch mode when choosing it in-game.

You can download the De_Dust2_Classic Map here.

These are currently the top workshop maps available in CS2. Keep in mind that the workshop is still relatively new in CS2, so more maps are likely on the horizon. Stay tuned, as we may expand this list in the future. It’s exciting to see how this ecosystem will evolve. Do you have a favorite map among these in CS2? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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