The source code for Quake II 2023 has been made open-source on GitHub.

id Software, the video game developer, has released the official source code of the revamped Quake II, which was showcased at QuakeCon 2023. Quake II, a renowned first-person shooter from 1997, is now open-source on GitHub. This move allows users to modify and build upon the original game’s source code. The repository, titled “Quake II Rerelease Game Source,” is licensed under GNU GPLv2.0 and is accessible on GitHub.

The release enables mods to be added to the rereleased game, following the same process as the original version. The instructions suggest launching the game with specific parameters or inputting them via the console. However, iOS Software clarifies that they cannot offer support for this release but encourage third-party developers to explore the abundant community-driven resources.

To add mods to the re-release, you can follow the same method as the original game“: start the game with “+set game mymod” or enter “game mymod” in the console during gameplay. It’s advised to install mods in the “%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Nightdive Studios\Quake II” directory to prevent any changes to the original game files, according to the information on GitHub.

The revamped Quake II source code incorporates a new version of the API for server-game module communication. It introduces a slim “client game” module, similar to Quake III Arena’s cgame module, along with an updated network protocol for 2023. This codebase combines various game modules from the original, including baseq2, ctf, rogue, and xatrix. Users can utilize the provided tools, configurations, and combined FGD (Forge Game Data) to design new maps or address compatibility concerns.

Moreover, existing mods might need adjustments to accommodate the API changes, given alterations to the game export interface. The structure and layout have undergone significant changes to support all expansion packs in one codebase and new features in the rerelease. This implies that old mods using the new codebase may require rewriting.

The Quake II Enhanced Edition boasts various improvements, including a 16:9 aspect ratio, high frame rate displays, enhanced models, improved animations and gore, AI behavior enhancements, depth of field, and an enhanced soundtrack by Sonic Mayhem. The visual elements have been enhanced to encompass widescreen compatibility, 120Hz refresh rates, 4K Ultra HD resolution, improved cinematic effects, antialiasing, and dynamic, vibrant lighting.

Furthermore, the game DLL’s internal logic has been optimized to run at 40hz, offering a better gameplay experience compared to the original engine’s 10hz. This modification enables maps and game logic to function at more precise intervals than the original 100ms.

The enhanced version of Quake II is now available on various platforms, including Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

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