The Game Awards 2023: Countdown and Streaming Details

The Game Awards, the annual gaming event orchestrated by Geoff Keighley, has drawn avid gamers’ attention, eagerly anticipating their favorite titles and esports stars to claim the spotlight. With nominations spanning thirty diverse categories, the competition is fierce, and only one will emerge victorious. If you’re eager to catch the show live, we’ve compiled information on where you can watch The Game Awards 2023 and included a countdown timer to ensure you don’t miss the moment the event kicks off.

Where to Stream The Game Awards 2023

Many gamers are eager to catch The Game Awards 2023 live, and tuning in to the event has become increasingly accessible, thanks to various streaming and social media platforms. To watch the show, simply ensure a stable internet connection and choose from multiple streaming options available.

The Game Awards 2023 will be streamed across diverse platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter (now X), and more. These platforms offer convenient access to the event, allowing viewers to enjoy the show from their preferred streaming source:

  • Steam (When the show starts, a banner will be displayed on the home page)

While past editions of the award show have collaborated with television networks in specific regions, such as MTV in India, no such partnerships have been announced for this year. However, you can visit The Game Awards website and navigate to the bottom to find additional partner platforms catering to specific regions. For instance, platforms like Bilibili and Douyu in China, or Disney+ Hotstar and MX Player in India, may provide streaming options for viewers in those areas.

Countdown Timer for The Game Awards 2023

Moreover, we’ve provided a countdown timer to help you keep track of when The Game Awards 2023 will begin. You might want to bookmark this page to easily check the start time. The event will be streamed at the following times in various countries across the world:

  • New York – December 7, 7:30 PM EST
  • Brazil – December 7, 9:30 PM BRT
  • London – December 8, 12:30 AM GMT
  • India – December 8, 6:00 AM IST
  • Tokyo – December 8, 9:30 AM JST

Game Awards 2023 Countdown

Expectations from The Game Awards 2023

Geoff Keighley has indicated that this year’s “World Premiere” segments at the award show will be fewer than usual, but fans can still anticipate some unexpected announcements. Alongside these surprises, there are expectations for fresh gameplay trailers for games that have already been announced.

Moreover, Valve is reintroducing the Steam Deck giveaway, with 100 Steam Deck OLEDs up for grabs for fortunate viewers of The Game Awards 2023. Eligible residents from the US, Canada, the UK, and other qualifying locations have the chance to win one of these popular handheld gaming consoles.

It’s highly anticipated that Xbox will make its mark at the awards ceremony, hinting at updates on titles currently in development at Xbox Studios. This could include information on projects like Senua’s Sacrifice, the Indiana Jones game being developed by Machine Games, or the recently speculated Dishonored 3 by Arkane.

Are you looking forward to this year’s Game Awards show? Will you be tuning in live? What are your predictions for the winners? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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