Starfield Release Date and Time: When Can You Start Exploring the Stars?

The anticipation surrounding the release of Starfield has left gamers eagerly awaiting its arrival. After Fallout 4, Starfield marks a significant single-player release from Bethesda Game Studios, and it’s not just any release, it’s a sci-fi extravaganza promising over 1,000 planets to explore. As you gear up to dive into this space odyssey, you’re probably wondering exactly when you can embark on your cosmic journey. In this guide, we’ll break down the release date and timing details for Starfield in your region.

Early Access Launch Date & Time

Following the pattern of many modern game launches, Starfield will roll out in two phases. For those who pre-ordered Starfield Constellation, Premium, or the Premium Upgrade Edition (for Xbox Game Pass users), the wait will end sooner, with early access starting on September 1, 2023. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also enjoy the privilege of early access gameplay. Other Starfield players will have the opportunity to play the game on September 5, 2023.

During this phase, players will also gain access to exclusive content, including the Shattered Space story expansion pack, a constellation skin pack, a digital artbook, and the companion soundtrack. Bethesda has shared the official early access release times for Starfield:

Early Access Countdown Timer

Due to time zone differences, specific regions will get to venture into Starfield’s universe on August 31, 2023. To make sure you’re ready for the imminent release, we’ve even included a Starfield countdown timer to keep you on track. Just add five days to the countdown, and you’ll be prepared for the full release.


Official Launch Date & Time

For those who didn’t opt for the premium editions or Xbox Game Pass, the wait is a bit longer. After the preload becomes available, players can start exploring Starfield at the following times:

Bethesda has provided the official launch timings, and we’ve included an image to recap them. If you’re playing on Steam, received a Steam key through AMD promotions, or pre-loaded the Xbox Game Pass version, players in NA, Mexico, and Brazil can dive into the adventure from September 5.

Can You Preload Starfield Right Now?

As the excitement builds, you’ll be pleased to know that Bethesda has initiated Starfield preloads for certain platforms. If you’re an Xbox owner, you’re in luck, you can start preloading the game immediately, regardless of your edition. Those with a Game Pass subscription on their Windows PC can preload Starfield through the Xbox app. Steam users can join in on the preloading action starting August 31, 2023. To make sure you’re fully prepared for launch day, we’ve put together a helpful guide outlining the preload process for Xbox, PC, and Steam (once it’s available).

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