Starfield: A Guide to the Confirmed Companions and Crewmates

Exploring the cosmos can be a solitary endeavor, and Bethesda, a game studio known for its immersive worlds, understands the importance of companionship in gaming. Their upcoming title, Starfield, set in the vastness of space, continues this tradition with a range of intriguing companions and crewmates. The Starfield Direct presentation in June unveiled several significant characters that players can look forward to encountering. Let’s delve into the details of the confirmed companions and crewmates that will populate the universe of Starfield.

Each companion showcased during the presentation possesses unique traits and skills that make them indispensable allies in your interstellar journey. With the pre-load copy of the game scheduled to go live on September 1st, it’s worth getting acquainted with these characters. Here’s a rundown of the confirmed companions in Starfield:


VASCO, a utility robot introduced during the deep dive in June, is among the initial companions in Starfield. Inspired by NASA machines, VASCO’s design incorporates elongated limbs to give it a more human-like appearance. While its specific skills are currently undisclosed, VASCO’s actions in the trailer hint at combat proficiency. Additionally, the robot is expected to feature humorous voice lines that will add to the overall enjoyment of the game.

  • Skills: Currently Unavailable

2. Sarah Morgan

Narrating the background story and mission of Starfield in the deep-dive trailer, Sarah Morgan assumes the role of Constellation faction leader. As an ex-soldier and adventurer, she brings a set of valuable skills to the table, making her a valuable companion. With expertise in botany, leadership, lasers, and astrodynamics, Sarah is a versatile ally. Her proficiency in space exploration and combat, coupled with her ability to tend to gardens, makes her a well-rounded companion.

  • Skills: Botany, Leadership, Lasers, Astrodynamics

3. Sam Coe

Sam Coe, a former space cowboy residing in Akila City in Freestar Space, becomes both a companion and a potential romance option. Equipped with a long pistol and a distinct spaghetti western appearance, Sam Coe is proficient in geology, payloads, rifle certification, and piloting. His piloting skills suggest he can navigate your spaceship during free time, and his combat prowess makes him reliable during gunfights, making him an excellent addition to your crew.

  • Skills: Geology, Payloads, Rifle Certification, Piloting

4. Barrett

Barrett, a friendly presence in Constellation Starfield, makes appearances throughout the game and may hold a significant role in the story. With expertise in gastronomy, robotics, particle beam systems, and starship engineering, Barrett is a skilled starship engineer capable of maintaining and protecting your ship. His proficiency in various technical aspects makes him a go-to character for ship-related tasks.

  • Skills: Gastronomy, Robotics, Particle Beam Systems, Starship Engineering

5. Heller

Heller, showcased briefly during the Starfield deep-dive, represents an example of companions found during space exploration. Found on an empty planet, Heller appears to be in need of rescue. His skills in outpost engineering make him adept at maintaining and safeguarding outposts, making him a suitable choice for maintenance duties.

  • Skills: Geology, Outpost Engineering

6. Marika Boros

Marika Boros, a hireable companion, can be encountered at the Viewport bar in New Atlantis. With skills in shotgun certification, particle beam weapon systems, and ballistics, Marika is a formidable combatant, especially in gunfights. Her specialization in various weaponry makes her a reliable choice for head-on action.

  • Skills: Shotgun Certification, Particle Beam Weapon System, Ballistics

7. Adoring Fan

A familiar face for fans of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, the adoring fan makes a return in Starfield. Skilled in scavenging, concealment, and weight lifting, the adoring fan can lighten your load and assist in various tasks. While reminiscent of the character’s antics in Oblivion, this time, players can choose to utilize his unique skills or perhaps indulge in a bit of humor.

  • Skills: Scavenging (Rank 1), Concealment (Rank 1), Weight Lifting (Rank 2)

As Starfield’s release approaches, the diverse cast of companions and crewmates promises to enhance the player’s experience of space exploration and adventure.

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