Solving the Starfield Mantis Puzzle: Get Legendary Ship and Armor

In the expansive universe of Starfield, players often stumble upon intriguing side quests, and one such gem is the “Lair of the Mantis” quest. This quest, though randomly encountered during your explorations, offers a treasure trove of early-game loot, including legendary armor, a spaceship, weapons, and more. If you’re eager to traverse the cosmos with top-tier gear, let’s delve into how to find the Mantis quest and conquer its challenging floor puzzle.

Embarking on the ‘Lair of The Mantis’ Quest in Starfield

To embark on this quest, your journey begins with an encoded message acquired from adversaries within the game world. Keep an eye out for Spacers, one of the enemy factions, as they may carry a note in their inventory labeled “Secret Message!” This note is an item acquired at random, obtainable from any enemy in the game. During our playthrough, we happened to obtain it while clearing Spacers from an abandoned space station.

Upon reading this note, it instructs you to set a course for the planet Denebola 1-b within the Denebola star system, initiating the questline known as “Lair of the Mantis.” Here are the steps to follow:

  • Return to your spaceship and chart a course for the specified planet, Denebola 1-b. If you’re unsure how to do this, consult our Grav Jump guide for assistance.
  • Upon reaching the Denebola star system, locate Denebola 1-b and set down on the planet’s surface.
  • Once landed, proceed to the marked location. You have now reached the secret lair.

Navigating the Mantis Floor Puzzle

Before venturing further into the quest, we recommend reaching a character level of at least 10. This is because the enemies you encounter in the lair range from levels 14 to 30. While it’s possible to face these foes at lower levels, you’ll sustain significant damage. Once you’re sufficiently prepared, follow these steps:

  • Eliminate the group of adversaries outside the lair’s entrance and follow the quest marker inside the compound for clarity.

  • Within the compound, you’ll encounter various story elements that provide background information. While these are optional, they enrich the narrative. The first piece is a text log titled “Base Arrival,” shedding light on Leon Voclain’s arrival at the base to inherit his mother’s belongings.

  • Continue by clearing out the room adjacent to where you discovered the text log. Eliminate the Spacers within, and locate an audio document called Sic Semper Tyrannis.” This document is pivotal for solving a puzzle later in the quest and reveals Leon’s frustration with his mother’s last words being her catchphrase, “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

  • The journey proceeds straightforwardly from this point. Continue exploring the Lair of the Mantis, dispatching Spacers in Starfield as you progress.
  • As you descend a flight of stairs and clear additional Spacer groups, you’ll reach a sizeable compound area. Defeat all the adversaries in this room, except for one specific NPC whom you should rescue.

Cracking the Mantis Floor Puzzle in Starfield

Remember the NPC you rescued earlier? Engage in a conversation with them to learn about the puzzle awaiting you in the next room. This puzzle consists of eight rows of alphabet tiles on the floor, and you must step on the correct sequence of tiles to proceed. Stepping on the wrong tile activates two deadly turrets that can eliminate you instantly, as evidenced by the unfortunate fate of two Spacers in the room.

So, what’s the solution to the Mantis quest floor puzzle, you ask? Recall the document with the words “Sic Semper Tyrannis” that you found earlier in the lair. This document holds the key to success, or rather, the name within it does.

The floor puzzle features eight rows of alphabet tiles, while the word “Tyrannis” in the document also comprises eight letters. Walk across the tiles to spell out “TYRANNIS,” and you’ll successfully navigate the Mantis quest floor puzzle in Starfield. Afterward, press the button at the end of the corridor to deactivate the traps.

From this point onward, you’ll encounter a turret at the corridor’s end, along with two Model A robots and a Model S robot. Deal with them at your own pace, and you’ll ultimately reach a large compound where your rewards await.

Legendary Rewards from the Starfield Mantis Quest

Upon exploring the compound, you’ll discover Mantis’s living quarters by heading to the left. Here, you’ll obtain her spacesuit and a mini-gun from a weapons locker. Let’s delve into the properties of these items:

  • Mirrored Mantis Pack: This legendary boost pack offers 30 thermal, 5 airborne, and 20 radiation protection. It also increases your oxygen capacity by 20%, provides 25% thermal resistance, and boasts a 4% chance to reflect incoming attacks.
  • Repulsing Mantis Space Helmet: A legendary helmet delivering 45 thermal protection and 10 corrosion damage protection. This helmet reduces damage from robots by 15%, offers a +25 thermal resistance, and enhances the chance of disarming an enemy by 5%.
  • Reactive Mantis Space Suit: This legendary spacesuit provides +40 thermal and +15 radiation protection. It reduces incoming physical damage from ranged weapons by 15%, offers +25 thermal resistance, and carries a 10% chance of staggering nearby attackers.
  • Bashing Microgun: With a damage output of 9, a fire rate of 350, and a range of 40, this mini-gun offers impressive firepower. It boasts 47.2% accuracy and has a mass of 11.40. Moreover, performing gun bashing results in double damage, living up to its name.

At the front of the large compound, you’ll find Mantis’s legendary spaceship, the Raorleaf. To claim this vessel, operate the lift controls and bring the spaceship to the surface. With the mother and son gone, the spaceship is yours to command. This conquest allows you to assume the mantle of the new Mantis, carrying on the legacy of the iconic bounty hunter.

Unveiling the Tale of Mantis in Starfield (Explained)

By meticulously following the audio and text notes scattered throughout the quest, you can piece together the intriguing story of Mantis in Starfield. In the game’s early days, Mantis operated as a renowned bounty hunter, relentlessly pursuing space punks and spacers to enhance the safety of star systems and planets. Her role could be likened to that of a futuristic Batman. Prior to her demise, she established a will stipulating that all her possessions would pass to her son, Leon Volcain.

However, Leon needed to overcome the compound’s deadly traps to access her belongings. Regrettably, he never completed this daunting task, and you eventually retrieve the items, confirmed by his lifeless body within the lair. Mantis’s wish was for her son to step into her shoes, but with his failure, the legend of Mantis lay dormant until your arrival.

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