Roblox Premium: Explained – Benefits, Cost, and How to Obtain It

In 2023, a considerable number of free-to-play games employ a premium model, which enables game companies to generate revenue from players and, in return, offers players various in-game benefits. Roblox, like many other games, has introduced a monthly subscription service called Roblox Premium. This subscription model is designed to enhance the player’s experience on the platform by providing access to a range of interesting features. If you’re a seasoned Roblox player and want to learn more about and obtain a premium membership, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started without further delay.

Understanding Roblox Premium

Roblox Premium is a recurring membership offered by the company for players seeking additional perks beyond the free version. It automatically renews every month until the user decides to cancel it. Premium membership offers a host of benefits at a reasonable price and is accessible on all platforms where the game is available, including PC (Windows and Mac), mobile (Android and iOS), and Xbox. However, it’s important to note that premium cannot be purchased directly from the app on every platform. To obtain a premium membership, you’ll need to use a web browser on any platform.

List of Benefits from Roblox Premium Membership

Monthly Robux Stipend

One of the significant benefits of Roblox Premium is the Robux stipend, which provides you with a certain amount of Robux on every renewal date. This feature begins as soon as you purchase the premium membership. The amount of Robux you receive depends on your subscription tier. Players get 450 Robux on the basic tier, 1000 Robux on the middle tier, and 2200 Robux on the highest tier.

Exclusive Avatar Shop Items & Discounts

In addition to the Robux-related perks, premium membership offers players exclusive items in the avatar shop that are only available to premium members. Moreover, Roblox Premium provides players with exclusive discounts at the shop. If you’ve been wanting to flaunt exclusive avatar items in front of your friends, getting a premium membership is the way to go.

10% More Robux, Resell, and Trade

In addition to the free Robux you receive, a premium Roblox membership also provides benefits when purchasing more. Premium members receive an extra 10% Robux bonus every time they make a purchase. Moreover, premium membership includes additional features, such as the ability to trade and resell items. This means you can exchange your items with other players if you ever get tired of them.

Additional Benefits

Last but not least are the in-game benefits. Roblox Premium provides access to exclusive in-game levels, items, and boosters not available to regular players. Premium-only levels are of high quality and come with lots of enjoyable features.

Pricing of Roblox Premium Membership

The basic membership costs $4.99 per month, the premium 1000 membership costs $9.99 per month, whereas the 2200 membership costs $19.99 per month. However, please note that subscription prices may vary from region to region.

1. Premium 450 – $4.99 per month

2. Premium 1000 – $9.99 per month

3. Premium 2200 – $19.99 per month

How to Obtain Roblox Premium Membership

Acquiring a Roblox Premium membership is straightforward. Just open your PC or mobile browser and follow our guide below. However, make sure you’re signed into your Roblox account before you proceed.

1. Start by Visiting the Roblox Premium webpage.

2. Click on the “Get Premium” button, which will take you to the bottom of the page.

3. You’ll see three different options to choose from. Select the subscription tier you want by clicking the “Subscribe Now” button.

4. On the payment page, you’ll find information about your renewal date and the cost. Ensure you select your preferred payment method. Roblox accepts several payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Roblox gift cards.

After making the payment, your premium membership will be reflected in your profile’s billing section. Congratulations! You are now a Roblox premium member. Enjoy all the perks and benefits that come with your Roblox Premium membership.

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