Roblox Ninja Legends Codes for November 2023

Navigating the path of a ninja is challenging, filled with various trials and tribulations. In the realm of Roblox’s Ninja Legends, you’re not just a ninja but the finest among them. To aid you on this journey, here’s a comprehensive list of active codes granting free chi, souls, and auto-training perks to elevate your prowess.

Active Ninja Legends Codes

Note: As of November 2, 2023, these codes are active and usable. We’ll promptly remove any expired codes and update new ones as they become available. For ease of access, consider bookmarking this page.

In Ninja Legends, there are no codes available for acquiring free coins that allow you to obtain new items or accessories. However, these active codes will grant you free gems, souls, and chis. Additionally, there are codes for auto-training, expediting your level-up process within the game.

Free Souls & Auto-Training

christmasninja500: 500 Gems
sparkninja20: 20 Souls
soulhunter5: 5 Souls
epictrain15: 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
roboninja15: 15 Minutes of Auto-Training

Codes for Chi

In Ninja Legends on Roblox, chi serves as the in-game currency used to purchase pets. Rare pets offer valuable stat boosts, making them crucial in the game. The following codes will grant you a substantial amount of chi in Ninja Legends:

soulninja1000: 1000 Chi
zenmaster15K: 15k Chi
Chiinnerpeace5k: 5k Chi
Chiskyblades10K: 10k Chi
darkelements2000: 2000 Chi
Chisilentshadows1000: 1000 Chi
omegasecrets5000: 5k Chi
ultrasecrets10k: 10k Chi
elementmaster750: 750 Chi
secretcrystal1000: 750 Chi
skymaster750: 750 Chi
legends700m: 1200 Chi
dojomasters500: 500 Chi
dragonlegend750: 750 Chi
zenmaster500: 500 Chi
epicelements500: 500 Chi
goldninja500: 500 Chi
goldupdate500: 500 Chi
legends500m: 1000 Chi
senseisanta500: 500 Chi
blizzardninja500: 500 Chi
mythicalninja500: 500 Chi
legendaryninja500: 500 Chi
shadowninja500: 500 Chi
legends200M: 1100 Chi
epicflyingninja500: 500 Chi
flyingninja500: 500 Chi
dragonwarrior500: 500 Chi
swiftblade300: 300 Chi
DesertNinja250: 250 Chi
fastninja100: 100 Chi
epicninja250: 250 Chi
masterninja750: 1000 Chi

Just like in other Roblox games, Ninja Legends offers double experience, spins, and rewards to Roblox Premium users. If you’ve exhausted all the available codes, consider a premium subscription for extra perks and benefits.

Redeeming Ninja Legends Codes

If you’ve been quick as a ninja to grab the codes but found redemption challenging, fret not! Here’s a guide to successfully redeeming codes in Ninja Legends:

1. Launch Ninja Legends and locate the Twitter bird icon on the right side of your screen.

2. Click on the “Type Code Here” section and input a valid code from our provided list.

3. Finish by clicking the green “ENTER” button to claim your rewards within the game.

Expired Code Lists

Note: Codes in Roblox games tend to expire swiftly. These codes are usually issued during in-game events and special occasions. Hence, we highly advise using the codes promptly to avoid expiration.


Feel free to share any codes we might have missed before diving into your ninja training. Once you’ve mastered stealth, head over to Muscle Legends and dominate as the strongest Robloxian.

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