Obtaining and Managing Starfield’s Devoted Fan: A Guide

Experienced gamers familiar with Bethesda’s titles like Fallout and Elder Scrolls have noticed the recurrence of certain elements in the publisher’s new releases. In their latest game, Starfield, there’s a notable presence of elements reminiscent of their previous IPs. One such element, which some may find endearing while others may consider annoying, is the Adoring Fan, an NPC originally introduced in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Surprisingly, the Adoring Fan has made a return in Starfield. Whether you’re a gamer looking to recruit this character or simply curious about who the Adoring Fan is, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore this further!

Who Is the Adoring Fan in Starfield?

The Adoring Fan is an NPC characterized by unwavering devotion to the player, often trailing them closely. As the name suggests, this character holds an adoring affection for players and frequently expresses it. The Adoring Fan made his initial appearance in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls: Oblivion game. In a nostalgic move, Bethesda has brought this character back centuries later in Starfield.

Image Courtesy: Elder Scrolls Fandom

While the Adoring Fan didn’t play a significant role in the previous game, he can now be recruited as one of your companions in Starfield, offering his assistance. The fan brings along a basic skill set that includes Scavenging for finding extra loot, Concealment for executing sneak attacks, and Weight Lifting to help you carry additional burdens.

Moreover, he has a habit of giving you small gifts as you journey together. However, be prepared for a constant stream of praise from him, which might become somewhat annoying after a while. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in learning how to recruit him, continue reading.

Recruiting the Adoring Fan in Starfield

To recruit the Adoring Fan in Starfield, you need to select the Hero Worshipped trait when creating your character. Keep in mind that Starfield traits are optional, so make sure not to overlook this crucial step. Once you’ve chosen this trait, you can simply proceed with the game and continue playing.

The Adoring Fan will spontaneously appear during your gameplay. In my case, as well as that of numerous other players, it happened after my initial visit to New Atlantis following my encounter with the Constellation at their lodge. Upon completing the mission, I wandered around the city and was approached by the fan. He proceeded to enthusiastically express my status as the champion and the “Bane of the Fleet.” To continue recruiting him, simply agree whenever he seeks confirmation.

Eventually, in Starfield, the Adoring Fan will request to accompany you on your journeys. If you’re certain that you can endure the constant praise and won’t consider tossing him off a cliff or leaving him adrift in space, select the “Assign Crew” option. However, don’t fret if you unintentionally recruit him, as you can always dismiss him later.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully recruited the Adoring Fan as a companion in Starfield. Now, let’s see how long it takes before you have the urge to push him off your spaceship.

How to Part Ways with the Adoring Fan

Fortunately, parting ways with the Adoring Fan in Starfield is a straightforward process. Just initiate a conversation with him and follow these cues below.

  • On the initial screen, select “Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions?

  • Now select “We need to talk about your fandom.” This will worry the fan, as he knows what’s coming.

  • Finally, you can either choose to say “Kindly get lost” or “[Attack] It’s time for you to go, permanently.

Choosing either option will immediately dismiss the Adoring Fan and make him non-essential for you. However, note that if you dismiss him, he will take any items you gave him to hold, and you’ll need to defeat him to retrieve them. While you can still persuade him to remain a fan, if you’re tired enough, you might see no point in that. In any case, that’s how straightforward it is to both recruit and dismiss the Adoring Fan in Starfield.

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