Locations of All The Trade Authorities in Starfield

In the world of Starfield, millions of players from around the globe have have chosen the best Starfield backgrounds embarked on their interstellar journeys, immersing themselves in the game’s vast universe. As you progress in the game, you’ll accumulate various weapons and gear. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with a multitude of random items, and you may find the need to sell some of them. Enter the Trade Authority shops and kiosks, essential in-game locations that allow you to buy and sell weapons, items, and gear. Given the immense scope of the game, locating these trade authority spots can be challenging. To ease your journey, we’ve created a comprehensive map pinpointing the locations of all trade authority establishments in Starfield. So, read on to discover where you can find these trade authority locations and make the most of your interstellar adventure.

It’s worth noting that while shops allow you to both buy and sell items, kiosks are specifically designed for selling your surplus goods. So, read on to discover the whereabouts of all these essential trading spots in Starfield.

Locations of Trade Authority Shops in Starfield

Trade Authority shops are scattered across all major settlements in Starfield, so let’s explore their locations.

1. New Atlantis Trade Authority

Location: The Well, New Atlantis, Jemson, Alpha Centauri System

Although you might assume that only a Trade Authority kiosk is present in the city of New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system, you would be mistaken. This location also features a full-fledged shop. You can locate the trade authority shop within The Well, an underground market that houses a variety of goods. To reach it, follow our guide on locating the House of Enlightened Chest. Once you arrive, continue straight ahead and take a left turn. You will then see the shop logo directly in front of you.

2. The Den Trade Authority

Location: The Den, Chthonia, Wolf System

This trade authority shop is located in a station called The Den in the Wolf System, one of the few places where your ship isn’t scanned. To reach this location, follow the instructions on how to fast travel in Starfield. Once you arrive, walk just a few meters ahead, and you will see the shop on your immediate left. You can now utilize this trade authority location to purchase and sell items as you wish.

3. Cydonia Trade Authority Shop

Location: Cydonia, Mars, Sol System

Located in the central hub of Cydonia within the Sol System, this Trade Authority shop can be a bit inconspicuous. Upon landing and entering the central hub, which is a prominent large building, proceed by walking straight ahead. As you descend a set of stairs, take a right at the bottom, and there you will find the shop. It will be marked with a small white strip that reads “Trade Authority Outpost.”

4. Akila City Trade Authority Shop

Location: Akila City, Akila, Cheyenne System

Akila City, located in the Cheyenne System, is another significant settlement in Starfield, serving as a useful hub with various vendors and shops. Among these establishments, you’ll find the Trade Authority shop. To reach it, land in Akila City and proceed through the main gates. After walking a short distance, you’ll come across the Galbank on your right, and right beside it, you’ll find the Trade Authority shop.

5. Neon Volii Trade Authority Shop

Location: Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System

You can also find a Trade Authority shop in the city of Neon, located in the Volii system. Neon is known as one of the places where you can easily access contraband in Starfield, particularly in the form of Aurora. After landing in Neon, take the elevator to the top floor. Once you reach the top, you’ll find the Trade Authority shop on your left, visible right from the elevator.

Locations of Trade Authority Kiosks in Starfield

As previously mentioned, trade authority kiosks can only purchase weapons and items from you, not the other way around. If you are looking to make purchases, you should visit the shops mentioned earlier. However, if you want to sell contraband in Starfield, you can utilize these kiosks, along with other informal selling methods. Explore the locations of all the kiosks below.

1. New Atlantis Trade Kiosk

Location: New Atlantis, Jemson, Alpha Centauri

One of the most accessible trade authority locations to reach, this kiosk is right in front of you when you arrive in the city. As soon as you land in the spaceport, look to the right, and you’ll see the trade authority kiosk next to a ship technician.

2. The Den Trade Authority Kiosk

Location: The Den, Chthonia, Wolf System

Similar to the trade authority shop in the Wolf System, the kiosk in the Den is also authority-free, meaning you won’t be scanned. After docking your spaceship in the Den and entering, you’ll immediately spot the kiosk. If you have trouble finding it, simply turn slightly to the right, and it will come into view. However, you might find it redundant to use the kiosk when the shop is right there as well.

3. Cydonia Trade Authority Kiosk

Location: Cydonia, Mars, Sol System

While you entered the central hub in Cydonia for the shop, this time, you should stay outside. Instead, search for a small building located right beside the central hub. There’s a small technician’s hub here, and on its balcony, you’ll spot the trade authority kiosk.

4. Akila City Trade Authority Kiosk

Location: Akila City, Akila, Cheyenne System

Trade Authority kiosks are often located just outside the city gates, as is the case with Akila City. In contrast to our previous instructions where you went a few meters inside Akila City, this time, you should step outside. Face the city gates and locate a ship technician’s building on your right. You’ll find the kiosk positioned right outside that building. Alternatively, if you want the complete experience, you can refer to the shop location above.

5. Neon Trade Authority Kiosk

Location: Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System

Neon is indeed a large city, but you don’t have to enter it to access the kiosk. Instead, divert your attention to a small building on your left as you arrive at the spaceport. Once you enter this building, you’ll find the trade authority kiosk situated in a corner, ready for your use.

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