Locations of All Ballers in Fortnite OG: Where to Locate Ballers

Baller vehicles in Fortnite are among the game’s coolest items, and with the OG update, they’ve returned to almost every corner of the map. These spherical vehicles serve as a means of traversal, letting you roll over opponents. Given their limited availability, knowing where to find them becomes crucial. This guide highlights all the locations where you can find a Baller in Fortnite. If you’ve yet to experience riding one, now’s the perfect opportunity to do so.

Understanding Baller in Fortnite

In Fortnite’s eighth season, the island introduced a roller-coaster-like feature in a specific area. To experience this ride, players had to hop into dome-shaped balls resembling hamster balls.

Known as Ballers, these vehicles allowed players to navigate the roller-coaster-like tracks while wreaking havoc across the map. Think of them akin to Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball, except without a hamster inside just you.

Although Epic Games removed the Baller after season 8 due to thematic reasons, it has made a comeback in Fortnite OG. Several Ballers now dot various locations across the map. Additionally, players can experiment with Ballers in the game’s creative mode.

Fortnite OG: All Baller Locations

The most recent Fortnite update has brought back 35 Ballers scattered across various map locations for players to enjoy. If you happen to miss out on finding one, your only option is to eliminate the Baller’s current rider or snatch it from them. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the in-game Baller locations:

  1. Outside Lazy Links.
  2. Along the route from Lazy Links towards Junk Junction.
  3. At the parking lot in Pleasant Park.
  4. Above the hills near the Pleasant Park parking lot.
  5. Four inside the hangar at Frosty Flights.
  6. On the hills overlooking Frosty Flights.
  7. Behind the runway of Frosty Flights on the hills.
  8. On the snowy hills.
  9. Four Ballers on the road leading to the snowy hills from Flush Factory.
  10. Beside the east roads from Flush Factory on the hills.
  11. In the town north of Flush Factory.
  12. West of Shifty Shafts on the outskirts.
  13. At Fatal Fields.
  14. On the hills west of Fatal Fields.
  15. On the edge of the desert area, south of Fatal Fields.
  16. In Paradise Palms.
  17. At Retail Row.
  18. Southeast of Retail Row on a hill.
  19. In the town southwest of Retail Row, identifiable by the falling meteor.
  20. In Salty Springs.
  21. In the town above west of Dusty Divot.
  22. At Risky Reels.
  23. At the Wailing Jungle checkpoint southeast of Risky Reels.
  24. At the entrance of Loot Lake, in the parking lot.
  25. North of Loot Lake.
  26. Beside the stream from Loot Lake.
  27. Overlooking Greasy Grove on a hill (east-west).
  28. On top of a hill, overlooking the town west of Tilted Towers.
  29. On the hilltop north of the Frosty Flights hangar.

We’ve conveniently marked each Baller location on the map to simplify your search. Feel free to refer to the image and land at the designated spot to secure your hamster ball.

Using a Baller In-Game

Using a Baller in Fortnite OG is straightforward. Upon reaching a Baller’s location, interact with it to enter and begin riding. Unlike their debut in season 8, these vehicles don’t rely on rails for movement; instead, you navigate across the terrain.

To maneuver, shoot the Baller’s sticky portion onto a wall and hold onto it. Once attached, swing like a pendulum to build momentum. When ready, press the boost button to increase speed and release the rope to launch yourself. Should another player obstruct your path, colliding with them will result in damage as you push them away.

It’s important to note that players can shoot and destroy the Baller, so be cautious while using it. Furthermore, Ballers cannot be refueled as they operate on battery power, and there are no recharge points available on the island.

Make the most of these fantastic traversal vehicles in-game before the anticipated arrival of Eminem. Have you had a chance to try out the Ballers? Share your encounters and stories with us in the comment section!

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