Locating and Recruiting Andreja in Starfield

Bethesda is well-known for enhancing the enjoyment of its single-player games by introducing companion characters who accompany players on their journeys. Similar to companions in Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield offers companions who add an extra layer of enjoyment to the sci-fi RPG adventure and can even be romanced and married. One such companion is Andreja, a member of the Constellation. However, recruiting Andreja can be a somewhat confusing process. To simplify it, we’ve prepared a dedicated guide to help you recruit Andreja as a companion in Starfield.

Andreja is a Constellation member introduced to players through a series of missions tied to the main storyline, which involves space exploration and artifact retrieval. Known for her candidness and strong moral values, Andreja is a companion with one of the most compelling backgrounds in Starfield. Let’s embark on the journey to find and recruit Andreja as your companion.

Locate Andreja in “Into the Unknown”

As previously mentioned, players will receive a series of main quests, one of which is “Into the Unknown,” aimed at introducing them to all the companions in Starfield. While this quest can be one of the last you undertake, it’s essential to pick it up to find Andreja in the game. However, before proceeding with “Into the Unknown,” make sure you have made progress in the quest “The Empty Nest.”

As a quick reminder, Sarah will send you to the Eye Star Station to meet Vladimir Sall and discuss the search for more Artifacts. “Into the Unknown” involves locating Artifacts on Piazzi IV-C and Niira. Vladimir will also ask you to check on Andreja’s well-being, which ties directly into our objective. Continue reading to discover the precise steps for finding her.

Locating Andreja in Starfield

Note: Ensure that you have activated the "Into the Unknown" quest before proceeding with the steps below.
  • Start by traveling to the Eye Station, located in the “Alpha Centauri” system, which should be nearby. If you’re unfamiliar with how to fast travel in Starfield, consider learning this first.
  • Upon arrival, dock your ship at the Constellation starstation. If you have any doubts about docking ships in Starfield, refer to our helpful guide.

  • Initiate a conversation with Vladimir Sall, who will provide you with directions for recovering the artifacts. He will also request that you check on Andreja, the Starfield companion you’re seeking to recruit.
  • While there’s no need to choose specific dialogue options, I’ve indicated them below. Select these options to progress further.

  • Andreja can be found on the planet Niira, located in the Narion star system. To reach Niira, you’ll need to perform a grav jump. If you’re unfamiliar with grav jumping in Starfield, take a moment to learn.

  • Upon reaching Niira, aim for the “Abandoned Mine” location, as it is the closest to where Andreja is located.

  • Walk a short distance to reach the mine entrance and proceed into the Deep Cave. Depending on your gameplay choices, you may encounter a few enemies.

  • As you enter, you’ll discover Andreja engaged in a firefight with an Ecliptic mercenary. Although you can’t engage in a full conversation with her at this point, she will introduce herself. Congratulations on successfully locating Andreja in Starfield! Continue reading to learn how to recruit her.

Finish the Mission with Andreja

Although we’ve located Andreja, recruiting her is not yet possible. It’s clear from the conversation that Andreja has an unfinished mission and requires our assistance. The following steps will primarily involve combat and exploration. Nevertheless, proceed with the instructions below.

  • Descend into the deep cave while engaging in combat with Ecliptic mercenaries. Utilize available cover, as you will have the advantage of higher ground.

  • The descent path is circular and will naturally guide you in the right direction. If you become disoriented, look for this narrow red corridor to continue.

  • Progress through several caves until you find yourself overlooking another expansive area. Your objective is to reach the ground level, and the entire area is interconnected by staircases.

  • Continue descending via the metal staircases, following the path we describe below. This will ultimately lead you to ground level.

  • Once you reach the ground, enter a narrow cave where you will discover the embedded artifact, much like the others. Use the cutter to remove it, triggering another set of visions.

  • Andreja will finally converse with you, expressing gratitude for your assistance and requesting that you keep her initial failure confidential. Agree with her words to proceed.
  • She will then instruct you to head to the Lodge while she completes her tasks in the mine. Continue reading to learn what to do next.

Retrieve the Artifact on Piazzi IV-C

Depending on whether you have already retrieved the Piazzi artifact or not, you may need to acquire it before returning. Fortunately, it involves landing in the system and entering a small cave to retrieve it. To complete this task, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the Piazzi Star System and locate IV-C. Upon arrival, land in the “Occupied Cave” region.

  • Enter the cave, traverse a series of winding corridors, and collect the Zeta artifact. There are no hostile entities in this area. You can now fast-travel to the Lodge to formally recruit Andreja in Starfield.

Recruiting Andreja at the Starfield Lodge

  • Return to the Lodge and position the collected artifacts on the central console, which will update the mission status.

  • A debate ensues among the group regarding the significance of Science versus Art. Choose “Science. Without it, dreams aren’t possible” when prompted to take a stance. This choice will earn Andreja’s favor and mark your first step toward romancing her.

  • Andreja will engage in a conversation, expressing gratitude for your assistance. Respond positively by selecting “And for yours. I’d be happy to keep traveling with you.

  • Andreja will be pleased that you’ve recruited her, allowing you to embark on missions together.

And there you have it, this is how you locate and recruit Andreja. If you’re interested in taking your relationship further, stay tuned for our dedicated guide on how to romance Andreja in Starfield, coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy some intergalactic adventures with your new companion!

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