Kafka in Honkai Star Rail: Kit, Best Build, Light Cones & Teams Compositions

Kafka, a 5-star Nihility character, holds significant importance in the main narrative of Honkai Star Rail. Revered for both her captivating style and appearance, she reigns as a favorite among fans, celebrated for her prowess as a Damage over Time (DoT) specialist. When meticulously assembled, she stands as the linchpin for the most formidable DoT team within the game. Here’s the ultimate Kafka build optimized to extract the highest damage output from her skill set.

Understanding Kafka in Honkai Star Rail

Kafka, a restricted 5-star Nihility character, specializes in lightning damage within Honkai Star Rail. As a DPS character, she thrives in inflicting Damage over Time (DoT). In the game’s lore, she holds membership in the Stellaron Hunters and has significantly impacted the main storyline. Kafka embodies traits of composure, sophistication, grace, respect, and beauty, even in the heat of combat.

Kafka’s Upcoming Banners and Release Date

Kafka’s rerun banner is anticipated to be part of the 2nd phase in the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update. It’s projected to occur between January 17th and 25th, 2024. Her initial release in Honkai Star Rail took place on August 9, 2023, coinciding with her last featured banner appearance.

Kafka’s: Cycle Rotation And Kit (At Max Level)

Kafka’s kit primarily centers around Damage over Time (DoT), with her dealing escalating damage in relation to the number of DoTs inflicted on enemies. First, let’s delve into her comprehensive skill set.

  • Midnight Tumult (Basic Attack): Inflicts lightning damage, amounting to 130% of Kafka’s attack on a single target.
  • Caressing Moonlight (Skill): Deals blast lightning damage equal to 200% of her attack to the primary target and 75% of the attack to adjacent enemies. If the targeted enemy currently suffers from DoT, all existing DoTs on that target immediately deal 82.5% of their original damage.
  • Twilight Trill (Ultimate): Unleashes AoE lightning damage, reaching 96% of Kafka’s attack, with a 100% base chance to impose the Shocked state on affected enemies for 2 turns. Shocked enemies endure immediate damage from this state, up to 110% of the initial damage, and also sustain Lightning DoT, amounting to 360% of Kafka’s attack at the start of each turn.

  • Gentle But Cruel (Talent): When allies land basic attacks on an enemy, Kafka launches a Follow-up attack dealing lightning damage equal to 189% of her Attack, with a 100% base chance of inflicting Shock (similar to her Ultimate’s effect) lasting 2 turns. This effect triggers once per turn.
  • Mercy Is Not Forgiveness (Technique): Strikes all enemies within a specified range. Upon entering combat, deals lightning damage equal to 50% of Kafka’s attack to all enemies, with a 100% base chance of inflicting Shock (equivalent to her Ultimate’s effect) on each enemy for 2 turns.

Her skill instantly triggers every applied DoT on an enemy at max level, dealing 82.5% of their original damage in addition to the standard skill damage. Thus, the optimal strategy involves using her skill following another DoT applier (such as Sampo or Luka).

To optimize Kafka’s build, focus solely on utilizing her Skill and Ultimate abilities. Her ideal cycle rotation should align with the following sequence:

Skill -> Skill -> Ultimate -> Skill -> Skill -> Ultimate.

Best Kafka Builds: Planar Ornaments, Relics & Sub Stats

Relics and Planar Ornaments significantly influence the effectiveness of most builds. Here are the essential Relics, Planar Ornaments, along with their primary and secondary stats for crafting the optimal Kafka build.

Best Relics for Kafka

  • 4-piece Prisoner in Deep Confinement set (Best for Kafka)
  • 4-piece Band of Sizzling Thunder set (Best Alternative)

The 4-piece Prisoner in Deep Confinement set proves ideal for Kafka due to her emphasis on DoT builds. This relic set offers a 12% flat boost to attack and diminishes enemy defense by 6% for each inflicted DoT (max 3), amplifying Kafka’s damage output significantly.

Alternatively, the 4-piece Band of Sizzling Thunder set can be utilized, granting a 10% or higher increase in Lightning damage and a 20% boost to her attack when deploying her Skill, a move frequently employed in her combat strategy.

Best Planar Ornaments for Kafka

  • 2-piece Space Sealing Station set (Best for Kafka)
  • 2-piece Firmament Frontline: Glamoth set (Best for Speed builds)
  • 2-piece Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise set (Good for meeting the effect hit rate requirements of Kafka)

For Planar Ornaments, the 2-piece Space Sealing Stations stands out as an optimal choice for any Kafka build, providing a direct attack enhancement. Additionally, consider the 2-piece Firmament Frontline: Glamoth for a speed-focused Kafka, provided she can meet the demanding 160-speed threshold during battles.

Another viable option is the 2-piece Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise, particularly beneficial if your Relic sub-stats fall short of meeting Kafka’s 67% effect hit rate requirement at her E1 or when she’s equipped with her signature light cone.

Best Main and Sub Stats

In Honkai Star Rail, Kafka thrives with high Attack and Speed stats, making them her primary focus. As Damage over Time (DoT) doesn’t rely on Critical Hits, there’s no value in prioritizing Crit Rate and Damage in her stat allocation. Achieving a 28% Effect Hit rate at her E0 is relatively manageable, necessitating only an additional 10% Effect Hit Rate from sub-stats, given her inherent 18% from Traces. However, at E1 or when equipped with her Signature Light Cone, Kafka demands a 67% Effect Hit Rate for optimal performance.

Enhancing Kafka’s speed proves crucial, enabling her to execute attacks more frequently, consequently maximizing damage output per cycle. It’s prudent to ensure her speed remains one point lower than the DoT applier in your team, ensuring Kafka’s actions follow theirs.

Best Light Cones for Kafka

  • Patience Is All You Need (Signature Light Cone): Provides a static 24% boost in damage. Additionally, for every attack executed by the wearer, their Speed increases by 4.8%, stacking up to 3 times. Upon hitting an enemy without Erode, there’s a 100% base chance to inflict Erode. Enemies affected by Erode are considered Shocked and sustain Lightning Damage over Time, equivalent to 60% of the wearer’s Attack at the beginning of each turn, lasting for 1 turn.
  • Good Night and Sleep Well (Best Alternative at S5): Enhances the wearer’s damage by 24% (12% at S1) for every debuff present on the target enemy, capping at 3 stacks. This effect extends to Damage over Time as well.
  • Fermata (Best F2P Alternative at S5): Increases the Break effect inflicted by the wearer by 32% (16% at S1) and elevates Damage by 32% (16% at S1) on enemies afflicted with Shock and Wind Shear. This effect also encompasses Damage over Time.

Kafka Ascension and Trace Materials

All Ascension Materials for Kafka:

All Trace Materials for Kafka:

Kafka Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

  • Da Capo (E1): Upon triggering a Follow-up attack from the Talent, amplifies the DoT received by the enemy by 30% with a guaranteed 100% base chance, persisting for 2 turns.
  • Fortississimo (E2): While Kafka is active on the battlefield, boosts the DoT of all allies by 25%.
  • Capriccio (E3): Enhances Skill Level by +2, reaching a maximum of Level 15, and elevates Basic Attack Level by +1, capping at Level 10.
  • Recitativo (E4): Each enemy damaged by the Shock status inflicted by Kafka generates an additional 3 energy for her.
  • Doloroso (E5): Elevates Ultimate Level by +2, reaching a maximum of Level 15, and enhances Talent Level by +2, reaching a maximum of Level 15.
  • Leggiero (E6): Increases the Damage multiplier of the Shocked status triggered on enemies by Kafka’s Ultimate, Technique, or Follow-up attacks from her Talent. The multiplier rises by 156% and extends the duration by 1 turn.

The most impactful Eidolon investment for Kafka lies in her E1, which augments the DoT received by targets when her Talent triggers a Follow-up attack. This enhancement amplifies the DoT by 30% for 2 turns, significantly bolstering her damage output.

While her E6 holds substantial strength, the investment in Stellar Jades for this level might not warrant the significant expenditure unless your goal is to maximize Kafka’s potential at E6.

Kafka Traces in Honkai Star Rail

Bonus Abilities:

  • Plunder (Ascension 2): Upon utilizing her Ultimate on enemies, they immediately suffer damage from all active DoT sources.
  • Torture (Ascension 4): Kafka gains an additional 5 energy when an enemy under the Shocked state is defeated.
  • Thorns (Ascension 6): Enhances the base chance of inflicting the Shocked state on enemies by 30% through Kafka’s Ultimate, Technique, and Talent-triggered Follow-up attacks.

Stat Boosts:

  • Attack Boost: 28%
  • Effect Hit Rate Boost: 18%
  • HP Boost: 10%

Best Team Comps For Kafka

The optimal teams for Kafka revolve around DoT strategies. It’s crucial to include at least one DoT applier such as Luka, Sampo, or Serval, with their attacks preceding Kafka’s to apply DoT effects. Additionally, a defense shredder like Silver Wolf or Pela serves as valuable Support. For those focusing on a speed-oriented team, Asta is a viable choice.

To bolster sustainability, Huohuo can be selected for additional damage buffs and quicker Ultimate activation. Alternatively, considering heroes like Luocha or opting for F2P alternatives like Natasha contributes to sustaining the team. Shields can also be integrated into the strategy, utilizing characters like Geopard or F2P options like Fire MC.

Is Summoning Kafka Worth It in Honkai Star Rail?

Kafka stands out as an exceptional character with a distinct and unique kit among other 5-star DPS characters. For enthusiasts of DoT teams, she’s an invaluable addition worth acquiring. Personally, I find her play style quite enjoyable, and I wholeheartedly recommend every Honkai Star Rail player to consider pulling for her, given her narrative importance and striking appearance.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Kafka in the comment section. Are you planning to pull for her in the upcoming opportunity? Share your opinions!

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