Imagine Dragons Launch Official Starfield Song Prior to Release

It’s become quite common for traditional media and video games to team up for exciting projects. Many games have received boosts from Hollywood stars and music bands before their official release. Starfield, a highly anticipated title from Xbox and Bethesda, is no exception, as it teams up with the popular pop rock band Imagine Dragons. The band has just dropped their official Starfield song, “Children of the Sky,” in collaboration with Bethesda.

“Children of the Sky” Draws Inspiration from Starfield

Imagine Dragons, the American pop-rock sensation, started building anticipation for their new song a couple of days ago through a countdown timer on their website, adorned with Starfield’s signature colors. After sparking speculation among fans, they’ve now unveiled the song on their YouTube channel. If you visit the official Imagine Dragons website, you’re welcomed by a spaceship cockpit straight out of the Starfield universe.

As mentioned in Imagine Dragons’ official post on X (formerly Twitter), “Children of the Sky” is directly inspired by Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG, Starfield. According to the band’s post, members of Imagine Dragons have been avid players of Bethesda Game Studios titles for a significant portion of their lives. This shared gaming enthusiasm led them to collaborate on this exciting new song.

The official X account of Bethesda Game Studios also made the complete song available. Imagine Dragons’ frontman, Dan Reynolds, talked about the collaboration after the song’s release (via IGN). He expressed that the song delves into the challenging questions that humans ponder while searching for their purpose in the vast universe, themes that echo those in the game. Reynolds reiterated that the Imagine Dragons crew has been enjoying Bethesda’s games for quite a while, making this collaboration with Starfield all the more meaningful.

Even Starfield’s composer, Inon Zur, chimed in on the new song. Zur, known for creating the iconic themes for Starfield and games like Fallout, praised the band’s creation for being both emotionally resonant and memorable. Additionally, he lent a hand to Imagine Dragons by weaving the Starfield motif and the game’s iconic elements into the song’s orchestration. This collaboration marks a significant crossover between the Starfield universe and Imagine Dragons.

With the Starfield launch just around the corner, gamers can gear up for its release on September 6, 2023, for Xbox and PC players. Those with Premium Edition and Constellation Edition access will be able to dive into the game starting from September 1, 2023.

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