Icebox Returns to Valorant’s Map Pool with Minor Changes

When it comes to competitive gaming, map quality is often a matter of personal preference. However, Icebox, a map in Valorant, stands out as an exception. Initially released with the Episode 6 Act 3 update, Icebox has garnered praise from both professional players and casual gamers alike. Although temporarily removed from the map pool, Icebox is making a return with some updates.

The new Icebox map update doesn’t entail major changes, but it includes minor modifications to the Mid area and B site. It’s worth noting that no alterations have been made to the A site in this update. Let’s delve into the specifics and explore these changes.

Icebox Return Date in Valorant

Icebox is set to make its return to Valorant’s map rotation with the Episode 8, Act 1 update scheduled for January 9, 2024. Alongside the reintroduction of Icebox, the update will bring modifications to the Lotus map. However, it’s noteworthy that the Haven map will be removed from the map pool following this update.

Valorant Icebox Map: B Site Changes

1. B Main

The adjustment in B main has disrupted Jett’s vantage point on Icebox. The elevation of the green box outside the B main area creates an exposed space, facilitating peeking and dashing. This alteration positions B main as a favorable attacking location, particularly for Gekko mains, offering numerous corners and choke points.

2. Kitchen Drop

The kitchen drop update is poised to be advantageous for sentinels who control mid from the lower tunnel or drop area. With the boxes now positioned next to the kitchen wall, they offer added cover. Furthermore, an extra layer of large containers has been introduced to the orange containers, effectively closing the space on the right side of the drop. These adjustments aim to enhance strategic possibilities for players in this area.

Valorant Icebox Map: Mid Changes

1. Attacker Spawn

The Icebox update brings a significant change aimed at addressing the issue of attacker spawn Marshal campers. A new container has been added on top of the blue container right below the ramp, effectively obstructing the vision of those attempting to peek mid from the attacker spawn. This adjustment is designed to eliminate or reduce the effectiveness of camping strategies in this area.

2. Outside Tunnel

Two subtle changes have been implemented in the tunnel area in mid, which connects to the kitchen in Icebox. From the exterior, a new high window to the kitchen is now visible, accessible by certain agents.

This alteration proves beneficial for swift rotations, allowing duelists or attackers to efficiently peek or rotate after gaining control of the kitchen area. The added high window adds a new dynamic to the map, enhancing strategic options for players.

3. Tunnel Interior

Upon entering the tunnel, two small boxes adjacent to the window become apparent. These boxes serve as supplementary cover, particularly useful for strategic use of Sage walls. Additionally, they offer effective cover for agents like Raze or Jett who might opt to enter the tunnel by jumping through the window.

These adjustments represent the small changes introduced to Icebox in Valorant Episode 8 Act 1. What are your thoughts on these alterations? Did you find Icebox satisfactory before these changes? Tell us in the comments section.

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