How to Fast Travel in Starfield: A Comprehensive Guide

Starfield, with its expansive universe filled with multiple solar systems and planets, can make exploration a daunting task for the average gamer. Thankfully, Bethesda has recognized this challenge and implemented a fast-travel system in the game to simplify travel between different points, whether it’s from one planet to another, from a planet to your spaceship, or between landmarks on a planet’s surface. This fast travel system enables you to traverse long distances quickly, making it easier to move from point A to point B in the vast Starfield universe. In this guide, we’ll explain how to use the fast travel system in Starfield.

Unlike conventional fast travel systems in other games, Starfield takes a unique approach. Instead of opening a map and selecting a destination, you’ll rely on your scanner to initiate fast travel. Additionally, Starfield is designed to ensure that fast travel happens seamlessly without wasting any of your precious gaming time. Let’s dive into how it all works:

Interstellar Fast Travel in Starfield: Planet-to-Planet Transit

In Starfield, you have the option to journey from one planet to another, landing at a specific location on the chosen planet. Alternatively, the game offers a fast travel feature, allowing you to swiftly teleport to a selected planet. Here’s how it functions:

  • To initiate fast travel to a planet, you should begin by selecting your desired celestial destination. For instance, let’s consider traveling to Bondar in the Alpha Centauri system.
  • Access the solar system map by pressing the “M” key on your keyboard while aboard your spaceship.
  • Once in the map, press the “Tab” key once to zoom out and reveal the various planets within the solar system.

  • Choose a planet by clicking on one, which will take you to planet view.
  • While in planet view, establish your course by pressing “X,” and confirm your choice by holding down the “X” button to initiate travel.
  • Your spacecraft will promptly engage in fast travel to the selected planet.

Seamless Starship-to-Planet Fast Travel in Starfield

Considering the vast expanse of each planet’s generated terrain, which is equivalent in size to a Fallout 4 map, returning to your spacecraft can be a cumbersome endeavor. Luckily, Starfield offers the option to fast travel back to your starship, and there are two methods to achieve this. Let’s explore both options:

  • When you find yourself on a planet and wish to fast-travel back to your ship, initiate your scanner by pressing the “F” key. Direct it towards your ship’s landmark, and then press “E” to execute the fast-travel operation.

  • Alternatively, you can initiate fast-travel from your ground map. To do this, open your scanner and press “G” to access the surface map. While on the surface map, press “R” if you intend to fast-travel to your ship.
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear, and by pressing “E,” you can agree to it and promptly fast-travel to your Starfield spaceship.

Fast Travel on the Surface of a Planet in Starfield

The last method of fast travel entails moving between different landmarks on the surface of a planet. Given Starfield’s vast distances, walking to your destination every time can become quite tedious. Therefore, you have the option to fast-travel between landmarks within the game by following these steps:

  • In case you land in a densely populated settlement like New Atlantis, you’ll find multiple landmarks to choose from.
  • To initiate fast travel, press the “F” key to open your scanner and direct it toward one of the landmarks.
  • Then, just press “E” to execute fast travel to the selected location.

  • If you are in orbit and wish to fast-travel to a particular landmark on a planet, zoom in on the planet by clicking on it and hover over the desired landmark.
  • This action will display all the discovered landmarks. To select your preferred landmark, simply click on it, and then initiate landing by holding the “X” key.

Restrictions to Fast Travel in Starfield

While Starfield offers you the freedom to fast-travel as you please, there are instances where it imposes restrictions. These limitations are in place to prevent players from manipulating certain encounters to their advantage and to ensure they face the consequences of their decisions. In Starfield, fast-travel is restricted in three specific scenarios:

  • Fast-travel is disabled if your ship is currently docked at a space station or another spaceship. To initiate fast-travel, you must undock and set off on your next journey.
  • Exceeding your weight limit with an excessive number of items will prevent you from using fast-travel in the game.
  • Fast-travel is not an option while engaged in combat on the map. To enable fast-travel, you must either exit the combat zone or successfully conclude the combat encounter.

You can address the weight-carrying limit issue by unlocking skill points, but the other two scenarios have no available workarounds. Therefore, if you intend to use fast travel in Starfield, make sure none of the previously mentioned situations apply to you. Additionally, it’s advisable to acquaint yourself with the process of grav jumping in Starfield, which allows you to travel between planets and solar systems.

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