How to Expand Your Starfield Ship’s Storage Capacity

Your spaceship in Starfield serves as your second home, and in some cases, it may be your only home if you haven’t purchased a house yet. Just like a home, your spaceship allows you to store numerous items, including contraband, which you can either smuggle or sell in Starfield. Spaceship storage becomes crucial when you are overburdened with items or want to keep only essential items in your inventory. However, as you continue hoarding items, you’ll find that your spaceship’s storage capacity can quickly fill up. So, it’s essential to know how to increase your ship’s storage capacity in Starfield.

Starfield offers several ways to expand your ship’s storage capacity, and this guide will explore each option in detail. If you’re running out of storage space due to your growing collection of items, read on to learn how to increase your ship’s storage capacity in the game.

1. Acquire New Cargo Modules

The most straightforward method to enhance your ship’s cargo capacity in Starfield is by replacing your current module with a new one. To accomplish this, follow the steps below:

  • Begin by traveling to one of the in-game settlements. An easily accessible option is New Atlantis, although you can choose any suitable settlement. For our demonstration, we visited the one in Paradiso.
  • Once you’ve reached New Atlantis, locate and engage with the Ship Vendor. Opt for the ship upgrade option.

  • You’ll be taken to the upgrade interface. From here, access the shipbuilder menu.

  • Make sure you haven’t highlighted any specific part of the ship, and then choose the “ADD” ship parts option.

  • Browse through the purchase screen displayed on the right side to locate the “Cargo” category. Select the cargo module that meets your storage needs and confirm your choice.

It’s worth noting that the storage units available may vary from planet to planet in Starfield. For instance, if you’re on a planet like Suvorov  (one of the planets in Starfield) and decide to visit a location like The Key, the vendor there may offer shielded storage options. Additionally, to enhance your upgrade options, it’s advisable to unlock the “Starship Design” skill. You can find more detailed information about this skill and its benefits in the next section.

2. Enhance Your Starfield Skills Appropriately

In addition to replacing your storage unit with a better one, you can also enhance your ship’s storage capacity by investing in the in-game skill tree. Within the Tech skills tree, there’s a skill named “Payload.” This skill starts at level 1, where it boosts your ship’s storage capacity by 10%, and it reaches its maximum potential at level 4, providing an impressive 50% extra storage capacity. Therefore, unlocking and fully leveling up this skill can significantly benefit your long-term gameplay.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, upgrading the “Starship Design” skill is crucial for acquiring superior storage units. Maximizing this skill grants you access to experimental ship parts, further enhancing your ship’s capabilities.

3. Purchase a Ship with Improved Storage Capacity

Another straightforward method to expand your ship’s storage in the game is by purchasing a new ship from any ship vendor. These ships come with varying storage capacities and are available at different price points. It’s essential to select a ship that aligns with your storage requirements, but do ensure you have the necessary credits to make the purchase. This option serves as the ultimate solution when you don’t wish to go through the ship-building process and prefer to acquire a new ship with the desired storage capacity.

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