How to Dock Your Ship in Starfield: A Comprehensive Guide

In the vast expanse of Starfield’s universe, there are numerous intricate features that add to the game’s distinctive character. With thousands of planets to explore, including around one hundred habitable ones, as well as numerous space stations ripe for exploration, players will inevitably encounter the need to dock their ships. However, for some, this process may initially seem perplexing. In this article, we aim to demystify the art of docking your ship in Starfield.

How to Dock Your Ship in Starfield: Step-by-Step Guide

Docking your ship in Starfield is a fundamental skill that enables you to access space stations or other spaceships. Whether you’re eyeing a friendly starship or a space station for exploration, the docking process remains the same, simplifying your gameplay experience. To facilitate your understanding, we’ve combined the steps for docking with either another starship or a space station.

  • Identify a Target: Begin by locating a suitable target within your current star system. This target can be either a stationary space station or another starship.
  • Lock On: To lock onto the chosen target, press the “E” key on your keyboard or the “A” button on your Xbox controller. If multiple targets are present, you can cycle through them by pressing “E” again.

  • Initiate Docking Request: Once you’ve selected your desired space station or spaceship, press and hold the “E” key (on keyboard) or the “A” button (on controller) to send a signal indicating your intent to board their vessel. This is a courteous way to initiate the docking process. If there’s no response, it may indicate an issue or hostility on the target, so consider moving on to the next one.
  • Approach the Target: Maneuver your ship closer to the selected space station or starship. To initiate the docking process, you should be within approximately 500 meters of your target.
  • Initiate Docking: As you approach, a pop-up prompt will appear on your screen, prompting you to dock. To proceed, press and hold the “R” key (on keyboard) or the “X” button (on controller).

  • Successful Docking: Congratulations, you’ve successfully docked your ship at the chosen space station or starship in Starfield. This straightforward process ensures that you can explore other vessels and stations with ease. While mastering ship-flying skills may take some effort, docking is a skill that players of all levels can quickly grasp.

Can You Fast Travel While Docked in Starfield?

One common query that may arise during the docking process pertains to fast travel. Starfield typically allows players to fast-travel to various points within the game world. However, this feature is not accessible while your ship is docked. To enable fast travel in Starfield, you must first undock your spaceship, which is a straightforward procedure involving departure through an air-lock. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ll regain the ability to engage in fast travel within the game.

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