How to Acquire the Almagest Jackpot Combination in Starfield

Starfield, with its vast expanse, offers a plethora of activities and opportunities for exploration. Naturally, within this universe, the potential to accumulate a substantial sum of in-game currency, known as credits, exists. While numerous methods can be employed to swiftly amass credits in Starfield, one exceptionally reliable approach is to seek out the notorious Almagest jackpot. This elusive treasure is hidden within an abandoned casino spaceship, holding great riches for those who can unlock its secrets. But where can the Almagest jackpot be found, and what is the combination needed to claim its rewards in Starfield? We provide answers to these questions and more in our comprehensive guide below. So, prepare to embark on your interstellar journey and let’s delve into the details.

Understanding the Almagest Casino Jackpot in Starfield

Let’s start by discussing the prize itself. The Almagest Jackpot is a valuable reward hidden within an old space station known as The Almagest. Once a bustling floating casino visited by people from across the cosmos, The Almagest has now fallen into disrepair and is inhabited by Spacers, ruthless bandits driven by greed. Inside The Almagest Casino, there’s a grand vault containing winnings in the form of loot, which people refer to as the Almagest Jackpot.

Unfortunately, claiming this loot isn’t a walk in the park. You’ll not only need to navigate through a horde of Spacers but also acquire a jackpot combination, which can be a bit challenging to obtain. We faced the same challenge and decided to find a solution.

To obtain the Almagest Jackpot, you’ll start by heading to the planet of Nesoi in the Olympus Star System near Alpha Centauri. There, you’ll find The Almagest floating in space. Dock your Starfield ship with the casino and follow the steps outlined below to locate the vault and acquire the jackpot combination.

Locating the Almagest Jackpot Combination in Starfield

Before heading over to the vault, you’ll need the Almagest jackpot combination to enter the terminal. This combination can be found in the computer terminal belonging to the Casino Manager, located on the second floor of the casino.

If you happen to get lost on this floor, remember that you must go up a level to the second floor. You’ll encounter a massive bar in the middle of the casino. Once on this floor, proceed forward and deal with any Spacers you come across. You’ll eventually come across a small cabin. Inside, you’ll find the casino manager’s computer and a convenient science crate containing additional loot.

While you could look for the combination yourself, we’ll provide you with the numbers to make it easier. To access the Almagest jackpot, input the combination: 12, 19, 36, 5. With this combination in hand, you’re ready to head to the vault and unlock the jackpot.

Entering the Almagest Jackpot Combination in Starfield

Now, it’s time to enter the Almagest jackpot combination.  To accomplish this, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Head back down a level and into the giant bar you saw below. As you proceed, you’ll come across a massive vault door. Keep moving towards it.

  • When you reach the vault door, you’ll notice that it’s locked. Don’t worry about that and instead, head into the small opening you see on the bottom right.

  • Climb up the vent from this point, and you’ll find yourself in another short hallway. This hallway leads to the jackpot terminal and a contraband cache that you can claim.

  • Interact with the Almagest Jackpot Backend, and it will prompt you to enter the combination. To access the Almagest jackpot, input the combination: 12, 19, 36, 5.

  • Once you’ve entered the correct combination, you’ll receive the Almagest Jackpot, which totals 3,700 Credits! Congratulations, you can now spend your newfound wealth as you please.

With this combination, you’ve successfully unlocked the Almagest Jackpot and its rewards. Enjoy your winnings in Starfield!

Is the Almagest Jackpot in Starfield Worth the Effort?

In the realm of in-game jackpots, the Almagest jackpot in Starfield may not be the most impressive in terms of winnings. While it does offer 3,700 credits, it’s important to consider the challenges posed by other Spacers vying for the same jackpot, not to mention the travel required to reach it. However, what sweetens the deal is the inclusion of a Science Crate and some valuable contraband like Harvested Organs.

Typically, I might suggest passing up on the Almagest jackpot, but when you take into account the combined total of prizes up for grabs, the effort invested in claiming it becomes worthwhile. So, don’t hesitate to follow our guide above and secure these rewards for yourself.

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