How Does Romance Work In the Starfield Game?

In the upcoming sci-fi RPG game, Starfield by Bethesda, many players are curious about the possibility of having romantic relationships with their companions, as this has been a staple in many RPGs like Mass Effect and Baldur’s Gate 3. So, let’s dive into whether Starfield will include romance options.

Is it possible to engage in romantic relationships with companions in Starfield?

The good news is, yes, you can engage in romantic relationships with your companions in Starfield. The game will feature various companions living on different planets in human colonies. It’s only natural that as you navigate challenges together, you might develop romantic connections.

During a deep dive into Starfield in June 2023, the game’s director, Todd Howard, confirmed that romantic options will be available with companions who join your team as part of the story. However, it’s uncertain if you can romance characters outside of your party.

Now, it’s important to manage expectations regarding the nature of romance in Bethesda games. In titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4, romance typically involves completing companion quests and gradually building affection with NPCs, leading to a romance outcome often represented by a simple black screen. So, don’t expect the same level of depth as seen in games like Baldur’s Gate 3.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that since Starfield will be moddable, some creative modders may add more intricate romance options beyond what’s initially provided by the game. This happened in Skyrim, so it’s a natural possibility for Starfield as well. You probably understand what I mean, no need for further elaboration (wink-wink).

Romantic Opportunities with Companions in Starfield

In any game centered around romance, you need individuals to connect with, and in Starfield, you’ll find companions to form those connections with. Todd Howard mentioned in a Kinda Funny Games podcast episode that you can pursue romantic relationships with four in-game companions. These companions are the ones who accompany you on your galactic adventures. While we have information about three of these romanceable companions, the fourth remains a mystery.

1. Sarah Morgan

A veteran of colony wars, currently leads the Constellation, the faction central to your expedition in the game. She’s described as someone who has dedicated her life to exploration in Starfield, and in the trailer, she’s featured as one of the main character’s potential love interests.

2. Sam Coe

A descendant of Solomon Coe, the founder of the Freestar Collective, is an ex-space cowboy with expertise in firearms and spacecraft. Sam’s life revolves around space exploration, as highlighted in his description. The developers specifically showcased him during the romance segment.

3. Barrett

One of the original Constellation members, has a background as a United Colony physicist. He combines his scientific knowledge with a thirst for exploration, seeking answers in the vastness of space.

In addition to these three companions, Bethesda recently introduced a new character named Andreja on their official X account (formerly Twitter). Andreja is a skilled operative specializing in clandestine operations and hails from the distant settled systems. Given Bethesda’s deliberate introduction of this character, it’s likely that she will be the fourth companion available for romance in the game.

Romance Mechanics in Starfield

As the game’s release approaches, we can only offer informed speculation based on available information and Bethesda’s past titles. In a conversation with Lex Fridman, Todd Howard discussed romantic relationships with companions in Starfield. The discussion begins at the 52:06 timestamp, providing valuable insights into the system.

While we won’t provide a verbatim transcription of the entire conversation, we highly recommend watching the insightful interview with Lex for a comprehensive understanding. In summary, Howard mentioned that romance in Starfield, while not “super-complex,” represents a more intricate system compared to previous Bethesda games.

In Starfield, companions can experience fluctuations in their feelings towards your character, transitioning from love to dislike and back to affection. This is a departure from the typical Bethesda formula where players worked to impress NPCs and gradually win their affection. In Starfield, the romantic dynamics promise to be more intimate and engaging, as confirmed by Todd Howard during the interview. Are there any companions in the world of Starfield that you’re looking forward to romancing? Feel free to express your opinions in the comments area down below.

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