Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction Character Tier List: Top Characters

Pure Fiction stands as the newest permanent game mode in Honkai Star Rail, introducing distinct gameplay dynamics. In this mode, players are tasked with consistently defeating respawning enemies and accumulating scores to achieve a 3-star rating. Notably, Pure Fiction emphasizes multiple-target damage over high single-target damage, challenging the existing meta. The Honkai Star Rail character tier list, originally designed for the previous dynamics, may not accurately represent the capabilities in this new game mode. Hence, we present the Honkai Star Rail character tier list, categorizing characters into DPS, Support, and Sustain separately.

Note: The characters within each section are not ranked in a specific order. Our tier lists have been meticulously crafted, considering the synergy between each character's abilities and the mechanics of the Pure Fiction game mode. It's important to clarify that this tier list specifically pertains to the Pure Fiction game mode in HSR.

Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction: DPS Character Tier List

The introduction of Pure Fiction has resulted in a resurgence of old and overlooked DPS units, overshadowing many of the previously dominant characters in the game. In this game mode, the spotlight is on DPS characters who excel at swiftly clearing multiple waves of enemies. Here, we highlight the top DPS characters for Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Argenti: Leveraging his AoE Skill and Ultimate, Argenti swiftly powers through numerous enemies in each wave. The abundance of enemies aids in rapidly recharging his Energy, enabling frequent activation of his Ultimate.
  • Himeko: Himeko’s Talent-triggered Follow-up attack proves exceptionally effective in obliterating enemies in Pure Fiction. Constantly triggered with the respawn of new enemies, it synergizes well with her AoE fire damage Ultimate and Blast Fire damage Skill. This synergy enables her to continuously Weakness Break enemies, triggering her Follow-up attack in the process.
  • Herta: With both her Skill and Ultimate dealing AoE Ice damage, Herta emerges as a favored choice for Pure Fiction. Her Talent-triggered Follow-up attack unleashes AoE damage when enemy health bars drop to 50% or lower, consistently triggering in a game mode filled with weak respawning enemies. This allows her to deliver high damage output every turn cycle.
  • Kafka: Boasting an Ultimate that deals AoE lightning damage and a Skill with Blast lightning damage, Kafka efficiently navigates through enemies in Pure Fiction. Additionally, her high Damage over Time (DoT) proves crucial in finishing off enemies that survive the initial DPS damage cycle.

Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction: Support Character Tier List

Pure Fiction places a primary emphasis on delivering potent AoE damage within a brief timeframe. Consequently, opting for conventional support units that lack damage-dealing capabilities is not an advisable strategy. The most effective support characters for Pure Fiction in HSR are those with robust AoE damage output or those offering substantial team-wide buffs. Here, we highlight the top Support characters suitable for Pure Fiction in HSR.

  • Guinafen: Renowned for consistent Blast Damage through her Skill, Guinafen reduces enemy weaknesses and applies Damage over Time (DoTs). Her Ultimate unleashes potent AoE damage, establishing her as an optimal choice for Pure Fiction.
  • Ruan Mei: While Ruan Mei may not boast formidable damage output, she compensates by providing an impressive team-wide damage and speed buff with remarkable uptime. Including her in the team facilitates swift enemy defeat by empowering your DPS characters.
  • Asta: Much like Ruan Mei, Asta offers valuable team-wide Attack and Speed buffs. Additionally, her Skill executes multiple Bounce hits on random enemies, proving highly effective in breaking Fire Weaknesses and contributing to the overall success in Pure Fiction.

Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction: Sustain Character Tier List

Sustaining characters continue to play a crucial role in Pure Fiction team compositions, particularly in Stages 3 and 4 where enemies inflict substantial damage. However, prioritizing Sustains solely for healing and shielding is not the optimal approach. The most effective Sustain characters in Pure Fiction are those capable of delivering significant multi-target damage while ensuring the longevity of your team. Here, we present the top Sustain characters suitable for Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail.

  • Fire Trailblazer: Functioning as both a sustain and damage-dealing character, Fire Trailblazer excels in Pure Fiction. His Ultimate delivers potent AoE damage and enhances his next Basic Attack to inflict Blast Fire damage. Moreover, every attack by Fire Trailblazer grants Shields to all allies, further contributing to team sustainability.
  • Fu Xuan: Renowned for strong damage mitigation, Fu Xuan adeptly ensures the team’s survival in Pure Fiction. Additionally, her Ultimate unleashes considerable AoE damage, enhancing her overall utility in the game mode.
  • Luocha: Recognized as one of the premier Sustain characters for Pure Fiction, Luocha employs reactive healing, allowing him to deal consistent damage to enemies during his turn. Furthermore, his Ultimate inflicts AoE damage while applying debuffs to enemies, adding to his effectiveness in sustaining the team.

Here you go – our character tier list for Pure Fiction in HSR. Crafted through a meticulous analysis of Pure Fiction and all character abilities, it’s essential to note that tier lists are subjective. We welcome and encourage your opinions on the best characters for Pure Fiction in the comment section.

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