Honkai Star Rail: Gold And Gears Guide

Honkai Star Rail’s 1.6 version brought the much-awaited Gold and Gears update to the Simulated Universe, and it’s been a hit. This update introduced customizable Dice Faces, the Path of Erudition, and the innovative Intra Cognition system. The new game mode not only enriches the gameplay but also adds a compelling story element to the Simulated Universe. With each playthrough, it unravels secrets of the Aeons. Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating the exciting new features in the Simulated Universe’s Gold and Gear update in Honkai Star Rail.

HSR Gold and Gears Release Date

The Gold and Gear update made its debut on December 27, 2023, as part of the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 version. This game mode is a permanent addition to the Simulated Universe, offering players the flexibility to progress at their own pace without any rush to complete it.

Gold and Gears Rewards

The Gold and Gears update within the Simulated Universe offers a plethora of rewards for players. Upon the initial completion of Gold and Gears, players receive a substantial reward of 4000 Stellar Jades. This encompasses unlocking and fully exploring all aspects of the new update.

Additionally, players can expect various other rewards, such as Self Modeling Resins, Relic Remains, Star Rail Passes, and Lost Crystals. Here’s the comprehensive Reward Chart for successfully clearing Gold and Gears in Honkai Star Rail for the first time:

Navigating the new Gold and Gears update may initially pose challenges. To assist players in every step of this gameplay, here’s a complete guide to maneuvering through the Simulated Universe’s Gold and Gears mode.

Unlocking Gold and Gears in Simulated Universe

The Gold and Gears update in the Simulated Universe of HSR unlocks for players upon clearing World 5 within the Simulated Universe. Once unlocked, players need to access the Simulated Universe and choose the “Head to Simulated Universe Expansion Module” option. Within this menu, players can specifically opt for Gold and Gears to embark on their exploration.

Gold and Gears: Selecting and Banning Paths

Upon commencing exploration in Gold and Gears and choosing the difficulty level, players encounter the Path selection menu. Each path entails distinct active conditions, making it crucial to select the most suitable path for your team composition. Choosing the correct path is pivotal for successfully navigating and clearing the levels within the game mode.

Here are the Paths available in Gold and Gears along with their active conditions:

  • Preservation: Enhances the strength of Shields applied to allies.
  • Remembrance: Amplifies the Effect Hit Rate for all allies.
  • Elation: Boosts the Damage from follow-up attacks for all allies.
  • Hunt: Augments Crit Damage for all allies.
  • Destruction: Heightens Damage output for all allies.
  • Nihility: Raises DoT (Damage over Time) Damage from all allies.
  • Abundance: Amplifies healing received for all allies.
  • Propagation: Increases Basic Attack Damage for all allies.
  • Erudition: Elevates Ultimate Damage for all allies.

Upon selecting a path, it amplifies the frequency of Blessings associated with that specific path. Following this, players can proceed to ban two paths, thereby preventing blessings from those specific paths. After finalizing these bans, players can proceed by pressing Enter and move on to the Dice Face Setup.

Gold and Gears Simulated Universe: Customizing Dice Faces

If you’ve experienced Swarm Disaster, you’ll recognize Dice Effects that occur while transitioning between domains. In Swarm Disaster, the Dice Faces are randomly assigned for the selected path.

However, in Gold and Gears, players have the opportunity to choose a customized set of dice before entering the Plane. This allows only the selected dice to appear during transitions between domains. As players progress through the Gold and Gears game mode in Honkai Star Rail, they unlock additional Dice Faces. Once desired Dice Faces are selected, players can confirm their choices to enter the Plane.

Moving from One Domain to Another

Once you’ve entered the Plane and accessed the initial domain, your task involves clearing that domain and utilizing the Communing Device to transition to the subsequent domain. Upon clearing a domain and unlocking the Communing Device, interact with it to view your next dice roll. Subsequently, choose the desired domain for your next move and confirm your selection to progress further.

Honkai Star Rail: Intra-Cognition System

The Gold and Gears update in the Simulated Universe introduced the Intra-Cognition system, offering a novel dimension to the gameplay. This system unveils hidden secrets when specific consciousness requirements are fulfilled. Adhering to the recommended intra-cognition system level is vital for unlocking these secrets within HSR.

Certain Intra-Cognition Planes provide a direct increase or decrease of 20 to your intra-cognition level. Players should prioritize passing through these planes to attain the suggested level and unlock the secrets concealed within the Simulated Universe.

Preparation for Resonance Extrapolation

A notable addition in the Gold and Gears update in HSR is the Resonance Extrapolation, resembling path resonance but influencing the player instead of the enemies. The final plane’s boss encounter incorporates Resonance Extrapolation, emphasizing the need for thorough preparation. During the 2nd plane’s boss fight, players will face a choice between disabling Resonance Extrapolation for the final Boss fight or opting for an alternative buff or debuff.

Certain Resonance Extrapolations are advisable to avoid during the final boss battle:

Best Characters in Honkai Star Rail Gold and Gears

In Gold and Gears within Honkai Star Rail, employing top-tier characters is crucial. While all A-tier and above characters excel in this mode, there are a few lower-ranked characters who can still be relevant. Here is the comprehensive list:

Best Team Compositions: Honkai Star Rail Gold and Gears

The most potent characters for the Simulated Universe also shine in Gold and Gears within HSR. Here are the top teams and characters recommended for this mode:

Moreover, players can craft numerous effective teams by leveraging Dice Faces, Path Blessings, and character abilities. The Simulated Universe offers ample room for experimentation with diverse team compositions, encouraging players to explore different strategies without limitations.

That wraps up the comprehensive guide to navigating the Simulated Universe’s Gold and Gears in Honkai Star Rail. Share your experiences and insights regarding the new Gold and Gear update in the comments section below.

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