Honkai Star Rail: Get Dr.Ratio for Free 5-Star Character

The Honkai Star Rail 1.6 Livestream unveiled exciting details about the upcoming 1.6 update, slated for release on December 27, 2023. Among the highlights was HoYoverse’s announcement of gifting the new 5-star character, Dr. Ratio, as a celebratory gesture for their recent accolades at TGA Best Mobile Game, iPhone Game of the Year, and Google Play 2023 Best Game. Here’s how to secure the free 5-star character, Dr. Ratio, in Honkai Star Rail.

Acquiring the Free 5-Star Character Dr. Ratio in HSR

Every player who completes the ‘The Blue — A Moment of PeaceTrailblaze Mission and unlocks the Mailbox Function will receive the 5-Star character Dr. Ratio once version 1.6 ‘Panta Rhei event warp‘ arrives in the upcoming Honkai Star Rail banners.

‘The Blue — A Moment of Peace’ constitutes the third segment of the initial Trailblaze Mission, ‘Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow,’ designed to familiarize new players with game mechanics. Completion of this mission also grants access to the Mailbox function in the game.

Upon the release of the Panta Rhei event warp in the game, Dr. Ratio will be delivered to players’ Account Mailboxes if they meet the mentioned prerequisites. Simply access the Account Mail and claim the 5-star character Dr. Ratio.

For the Honkai Star Rail Free 5-Star Character claim period, it spans from the launch of version 1.6’s Panta Rhei event warp until the end of version 2.1. Although the specific duration isn’t confirmed, based on standard timelines, it’s estimated to be around 105 days or approximately 3 and a half months. This ample period allows players sufficient time to claim Dr. Ratio.

Honkai Star Rail 1.6: Free 4-Star Character

In addition to the free 5-star character, Honkai Star Rail will also grant Lynx, the 4-star Abundance character, as a reward upon completing any phase of stage 2 within the Pure Fiction game mode in version 1.6. Pure Fiction, the new game mode, involves constantly respawning enemies. By defeating these enemies, players accumulate points that unlock various rewards. Moreover, completing each phase of Pure Fiction can yield up to 720 Stellar Jades as a reward.

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