Honkai Star Rail 1.6 Update: Launch Date and Time

The upcoming Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update, named “Crown of the Mundane and Divine,” is set to unveil three fresh characters, a novel game mode, and a generous offering of a free 5-star character along with abundant Stellar Jades. The release date for the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update in your region is soon approaching.

Honkai Star Rail 1.6: Release Date and Time

The highly anticipated Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update is scheduled to launch on December 27 at 3:00 AM (UTC). Following the customary 3-hour maintenance break, the update will become available, succeeding the closure of the 1.5 version. Here are the release times for the HSR 1.6 update across popular regions:

Honkai Star Rail 1.6: Update Pre-download

HoYoverse games offer a standout feature: the absence of wait time for downloading new updates upon release. Honkai Star Rail, in particular, boasts a pre-download feature, enabling players to download the upcoming version a few days beforehand. This ensures seamless access to the latest version the moment it’s released, eliminating any waiting period.

To pre-download the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update:

  • For PC users, launch the game and choose the Game Pre-installation button on the game launcher.
  • Mobile users can start the game and opt for the Resource Pre-Download feature accessible from the ‘Tap to Start‘ screen on both Android and iOS devices.

Regarding the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update size, the mobile version will need 9088 MB, while the PC version will require 11.39 GB of space.

What’s New in Honkai Star Rail 1.6

As the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update approaches, here’s a rundown of all the fresh content arriving in this version.

  • Introduction of New Characters: Ruan Mei, Dr. Ratio, Xueyi
  • Arrival of New Character and Light Cone Banners
  • Unveiling of New Events, Game Modes, and Reward Systems
  • Enhancements to the Simulated Universe
  • Acquire Free Characters: Dr. Ratio and Lynx
  • Expansion with a New Area and Introduction of New Enemies
  • Introduction of Memory of Chaos Stages 11 and 12
  • Introduction of a New F2P Shop
  • Numerous Quality of Life (QoL) Improvements

Here’s the rundown! Share what you’re most thrilled about in the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 version. Also, let us know which characters you’re aiming to pull and those you might skip in the upcoming banners.

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