Guide to Romancing Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Romantic relationships have become a staple feature in RPG video games, and Starfield, the latest creation from Bethesda, is no exception. Bethesda has confirmed that you can embark on romantic endeavors with in-game companions, and one such potential love interest is Constellation’s very own Sarah Morgan. As one of the first companions you encounter on your interstellar journey, Sarah offers players the chance to kindle a romance.

However, much like the real world, winning Sarah’s heart in Starfield requires effort, understanding her likes and dislikes, and making the right choices to build a connection. In this article, we will guide you through the steps on how to romance Sarah Morgan, the formidable leader of Constellation, in Starfield. We’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts, along with essential information to help you nurture a loving relationship with her.

Romancing Sarah Morgan in Starfield: Essential Tips

Before embarking on a romance with Sarah Morgan, you must first recruit her to join your party. Luckily, compared to other NPC companions like Andreja, Sarah is relatively easy to find and recruit early in the game. If you follow the story missionOne Small Step” and make your way to Constellation Lodge for the first time, you’ll encounter Sarah Morgan there.

Once you’ve met her, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit her. If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you’ve already recruited her temporarily. As you continue playing the game and complete the mission “The Old Neighbourhood,” you’ll be presented with the choice of making her a permanent companion. And that’s precisely what we aim for in this article – securing her as a permanent companion.

Now, let’s get to the crucial part. To make a favorable impression on Sarah Morgan, you must choose actions and dialogues that resonate with her. If you make the right decisions, you’ll notice a pop-up message in the top-right corner that reads, “Sarah Morgan Liked It.” This serves as an indicator that you’re on the right path to winning her affection.

Sarah Morgan’s Preferences and Dislikes in Starfield

When it comes to Sarah’s preferences, she holds a deep fascination for space exploration, science, and spaceships. To win her favor during your expeditions, make sure to involve her in as many scientific endeavors as possible and opt for scientific responses in your conversations. This will significantly enhance your appeal to her. Additionally, it’s important to note that Sarah Morgan leans towards diplomacy rather than conflict. To gain her admiration, excel in persuasion checks during key events in Starfield.

Sarah’s background in the UC Navy has instilled in her a strong sense of justice, and she despises any form of wrongdoing. Engaging in dishonorable actions or accepting malicious deals will lead to her disapproval. Furthermore, engaging in vigilante activities is out of the question, as it goes against her lawful nature. To maintain or grow your romantic relationship with Sarah Morgan in Starfield, you must adhere to ethical and lawful conduct. So, while embarking on adventures together, always keep these principles in mind:

Guide to Flirting and Romancing Sarah Morgan

After reaching a certain level of favorability with your companion, Sarah will express a desire to have a private conversation with you. These interactions can occur spontaneously, making it challenging to predict precisely when they will happen. In my personal playthrough, Sarah initiated these conversations twice – once while we were at the Moon and the next during our visit to The Eye, situated in the orbit of Jemison. The second conversation is particularly significant, as it’s an opportunity to make a positive impression on her through your dialogue choices. These are the choices you should make:

  • You never mentioned your predecessor before.
  • I feel like we are making some good memories of our own.
  • Being paired with the boss might be quite an honor.
  • I can relate to that.
  • So I’ve noticed.
  • Oh. Is she, uh…dead?
  • I’ll do my best to make our journey just as pleasant.

If you successfully flirt with her during the conversation, you’ll have planted the seeds of romance and taken a significant step towards winning her heart.

As you continue your journey, make sure to engage in conversations with her whenever she wants to talk. If the option to flirt presents itself, don’t hesitate to choose it. Flirting will lead her to open up about her past in the UC Navy and a harrowing incident where she crash-landed a spaceship, resulting in the loss of her crew. This will kickstart the “In Memoriam” quest in Starfield. We won’t spoil the details of the quest, as it’s a touching storyline we want you to experience firsthand.

Note: Before you embark on the "In Memoriam" quest, ensure that the "A High Price To Pay" quest is active and choose to visit The Eye. This will allow you to progress the storyline correctly.

Successfully completing the quest will grant you the option to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield. Congratulations! You and Sarah Morgan are now romantically involved in the game. Later in your journey, you may even have the opportunity to marry her, although we haven’t reached that part of the game yet. We’ll update the article with that information when available, so stay tuned for updates.

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