Genshin Impact Character Tier List: Top Characters

Genshin Impact’s characters are a captivating mix of personalities, from those with heart-wrenching backstories to others with vibrant or more somber dispositions. Their appeal extends beyond just their abilities, as their distinctive characteristics often resonate with players, contributing to the characters’ widespread popularity. In the game, character preferences are highly subjective, and there’s no definitive measure of a character being “good” or “bad.” Ultimately, the characters you choose should align with your personal preferences. However, for those who approach the game more competitively and seek optimal team compositions, here’s a Genshin Impact character tier list as of version 3.8 to help guide your choices.

Genshin Impact S-Tier Characters

S-Tier Genshin Impact characters are among the most exceptional characters in the game, excelling in leveling up and conquering the highest Abyss floors. They either synergize excellently with other characters to provide substantial team value or stand alone as formidable entities. Here’s a list of all the S-Tier characters in Genshin Impact.

1. Bennett

When Genshin Impact players discuss the best support character in the game, Bennett is often the first to come to mind. Bennett is a Pyro character who wields a sword. He can provide decent damage, apply the Pyro status for vaporize reactions, buff your party members, and heal them if their health is low. His healing and damage abilities are based on his HP stat.

Equipping Bennett with the Noblesse Oblige artifact set, which scales with HP, will enhance both his healing abilities and attack, thus boosting the overall damage output of your team.

2. Xiangling

Xiangling was one of the early characters introduced in the game and quickly gained a reputation for her high damage output. This reputation still holds true, although some newer Pyro characters have emerged. Xiangling excels in dealing continuous and significant Pyro damage, making her a valuable off-field character or sub-DPS. She particularly shines in vaporize reactions, making her a great pairing with characters like Childe or Ayato.

Xiangling’s flexibility extends to her artifact choices, and she boasts some of the best-scaling constellations in the game. She is a top-tier damage dealer often utilized in the Abyss, making her a versatile Pyro Sub-DPS character suitable for both low and high Adventure Rank players in Genshin Impact.

3. Hu Tao

Hu Tao is often considered the best Pyro unit in the game for two compelling reasons. First, she delivers exceptional damage through vaporize reactions, and second, her first constellation (C1) allows her charged attacks to consume no stamina. Hu Tao’s elemental skill imbues Pyro, causing her normal attacks to inflict Pyro damage while sacrificing a portion of her HP. She synergizes effectively with characters like Xingqiu or Yelan, who consistently apply Hydro damage.

When building Hu Tao, the focus should be on maximizing her crit rate and crit damage through weapons and artifacts. The ideal artifact set for her is the Crimson Witch of Flames, and the best weapon choice is undeniably the Staff of Homa. If you’re seeking free-to-play alternatives, consider weapons like Deathmatch or Blackcliff Pole for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact.

4. Ganyu

Ganyu is a versatile DPS/sub-DPS character in Genshin Impact. She excels in dealing damage, primarily through her charged attack skill, “Frostflake Arrow,” which inflicts AoE damage upon hitting an enemy. Her elemental skill is valuable for diverting enemy attention, providing strategic advantages. Ganyu’s elemental burst, “Celestial Shower,” summons an ice shard shower that continuously deals Cryo damage and grants a 20% Cryo damage bonus to characters within the burst’s range.

Ganyu is an excellent choice for teams featuring other Cryo characters, such as Ayaka, to enhance Cryo synergy. Additionally, her constellations can significantly boost her damage output and support capabilities. Equipping her with the Blizzard Strayer artifact set further enhances her effectiveness, making her a formidable addition to any party in Genshin Impact.

5. Ayaka

Ayaka is a top-tier Cryo character in Genshin Impact, specializing in DPS and delivering substantial damage output when paired with the right weapons, artifacts, and team compositions. She particularly excels in freeze-based setups. Building Ayaka is straightforward, with the Blizzard Strayer artifact set being an excellent choice. However, if you already have a high crit rate on her, a combination of 2-piece Noblesse Oblige and 2-piece Blizzard Strayer can be a viable alternative.

Ayaka’s main source of damage comes from her Elemental Burst, “Kamisato Art: Soumetsu,” which unleashes swirling cryo effects that continuously damage enemies. For more detailed information on the best builds, weapons, and other aspects of playing Ayaka, you can refer to a dedicated Ayaka Guide.

6. Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is regarded as one of the top Electro units in Genshin Impact. While she has the potential to be a formidable DPS character if built accordingly, she is more commonly known as “the battery” for her ability to provide energy to the team. She excels as a sub-DPS and support character, making her a versatile addition to various team compositions.

Raiden Shogun’s abilities include an elemental skill that deals consistent Electro damage every 0.9 seconds and an elemental burst that releases a powerful slash, delivering substantial damage. Her overall performance places her among the best characters in Genshin Impact, earning her an S rank.

7. Yae Miko

Miko is a character in Genshin Impact known as the Fox Envoy. She wields an Electro vision and uses a catalyst. While primarily a support character, some players utilize her as a DPS option. Her elemental skill calls forth three turrets that deliver sustained Electro damage, and her elemental burst unleashes a lightning aura capable of dealing significant damage. Her versatility and abilities position her as a valuable character, earning her a well-deserved spot in the S tier of our Genshin Impact character tier list.

8. Kadehara Kazuha

Upon his release, Kazuha may not have immediately captured the Genshin Impact community’s attention, but over time, players have come to appreciate his value. His elemental skill, Chihayaburu, excels at gathering enemies, absorbing their respective elements, and then triggering a swirl reaction.

Whenever Kazuha triggers a swirl, his passive talent provides a 0.04% elemental damage bonus to all party members for every point of elemental mastery he possesses, lasting for eight seconds. Consequently, maximizing his elemental mastery is crucial to fully exploit this effect. His other passive talent reduces sprinting stamina consumption.

9. Wanderer

Wanderer is an Anemo user who wields a Catalyst and is among the few characters in Genshin Impact capable of powered flight using his elemental ability. His elemental skill enables him to glide freely while launching Anemo slashes mid-air, with its own stamina bar. Wanderer’s elemental burst involves a kick that releases a series of Anemo damage.

Furthermore, Wanderer has the ability to infuse elements and provide swirl buffs as per the elements present, making him an excellent choice for team synergy. His versatility extends to exploration and as a viable DPS character, firmly establishing his place among the S-Tier Genshin Impact characters.

10. Nahida

Nahida, known as the god of wisdom, is regarded as an S-tier Archon character. Her skill has the ability to bind enemies and inflict Dendro upon them. Additionally, any reaction affecting a bound enemy will also affect others within the area. Her elemental burst creates a Dendro domain, facilitating Dendro reactions.

Furthermore, Nahida possesses the unique ability to read people’s minds in the open world using her elemental skill. To maximize her effectiveness, focusing on elemental mastery stats is recommended. If you aim to deal substantial Dendro damage, the 4-piece Deepwood Memories artifact set is a viable choice.

11. Alhaitham

Alhaitham, once referred to as the “Dendro Keqing,” is a captivating male character in Genshin Impact. Wielding a sword and harnessing Dendro powers, he boasts a unique playstyle and has the ability to deliver substantial damage with his signature abilities while remaining accessible to build. By skillfully utilizing his mirrors, he can unleash a torrent of damage.

Moreover, Alhaitham doesn’t require extensive investment, primarily focusing on talent upgrades, and even at C0, he can dish out considerable damage. He is recognized as a hyper carry, signifying his capacity to contribute significantly to the team without relying on elemental reactions. In summary, Alhaitham is considered one of the top-tier characters available in Genshin Impact.

12. Albedo

Albedo is a formidable Geo character, ranking among the best units in the game alongside Zhongli. His elemental skill allows him to inflict AoE damage at three-second intervals, with this damage being dependent on his defense stats. Consequently, it’s crucial to equip him with a defense-based weapon, like the Cinnabar Spindle. His elemental burst is an immensely powerful attack that deals substantial Geo damage.

Furthermore, Albedo plays a supportive role by aiding in the recharge of Geo character’s bursts within the team and enhancing the entire team’s elemental mastery. This makes him an excellent choice as a support or sub-DPS character, particularly when paired with other Geo characters in your party.

13. Zhongli

Zhongli’s reputation precedes him. If you’re a novice Genshin Impact player and Zhongli’s banner is currently available, he is a highly recommended addition to your team. His shielding capabilities are unmatched, making him an exceptionally durable support character. These shields prove invaluable when you’re utilizing characters who sacrifice their own HP to amplify their damage output, such as Xiao and Hu Tao.

One of the most compelling features of Zhongli is his versatility as a sub-DPS character. His elemental skill conjures a stone pillar and protective shield, while his elemental burst summons a devastating meteor to obliterate your foes. All in all, Zhongli is undoubtedly one of the top-tier characters in Genshin Impact.

14. Yelan

Yelan is a Hydro-affiliated bow user who is quite straightforward to use and comprehend. Her abilities revolve around swift movement and hydro-based damage. Her elemental skill allows her to dash quickly while ensnaring her foes with a blue thread. Upon skill termination, it inflicts Hydro damage to affected enemies. Yelan’s burst is reminiscent of Xingqiu’s, except it takes the form of a projectile that reliably strikes the targeted foes.

Yelan is an excellent choice as a support or sub-DPS character, capable of delivering substantial damage while applying Hydro to facilitate elemental reactions. She truly shines when partnered with Hu Tao, as their synergy can lead to immensely potent Vaporize reactions. Additionally, Yelan boasts a unique and eye-catching design.

15. Xingqiu

At constellation level 6 (C6), Xingqiu emerges as a superior Hydro applicator and outperforms Yelan in terms of overall damage. So, if you missed out on Yelan in the 50-50 pull, there’s no need to despair. Xingqiu can be a cornerstone of your team, especially if you have characters like Hu Tao and are interested in creating a powerful vaporize-focused team for taking on challenging foes or tackling the Abyss. However, it’s important to note that one of his drawbacks is his high energy requirements, which means he takes some time to generate energy for his elemental burst. Nonetheless, Xingqiu remains a valuable character in Genshin Impact.

16. Nilou

The initial reception for Nilou wasn’t particularly positive, but that changed as players started to use her and discover the potential of her abilities, especially Bloom and Hyperbloom. It’s not just her kit that’s gained recognition; players also appreciate her character design and personality. Nilou is primarily designed for triggering Bloom reactions, with her passive talents also enhancing this aspect. While the weapon choices for Nilou are somewhat limited, equipping her with high-quality artifacts focusing on HP%, Crit rate, and Elemental Mastery can make her a valuable asset in the Abyss. It’s important to emphasize her HP scaling since the Bloom reaction itself can deal damage to your team.

Genshin Impact A-Tier Characters

A-Tier characters in Genshin Impact are typically excellent in specific team compositions but may not perform as strongly when used individually. Many of them are support characters. Here are some of the top A-Tier characters in the game.

1. Yoimiya

Yoimiya is a DPS character in Genshin Impact known for her easy build and use. However, she isn’t as commonly used as some other Pyro characters like Hu Tao. Hu Tao’s overall damage output tends to surpass Yoimiya’s because Hu Tao’s attacks deal splash damage while Yoimiya’s attacks target a single enemy.

2. Yanfei

Yanfei is another Pyro character in the game, and like Yoimiya, she faces tough competition from characters like Hu Tao. While Hu Tao generally outperforms her in terms of damage output, Yanfei is relatively easier to build and requires fewer resources. Yanfei wields a Catalyst, and there are several options available that can pair effectively with her.

3. Chongyun

Chongyun is a Cryo character who wields a claymore. When built properly, he can deal substantial damage with his Elemental Burst. He mainly serves as a sub-DPS and is commonly used in melt compositions. As a four-star character, he’s relatively easy to build, offers various weapon options that can be effective, and is straightforward to play. However, as your Adventure Rank (AR) progresses, you might find that higher-tier Cryo characters like Ayaka and Ganyu become more appealing, and you may transition away from Chongyun.

4. Diona

Diona is a Cryo Bow user who excels at providing shields and support for the team. She focuses on her Elemental Burst and Skill abilities. Diona can serve as a Cryo energy source, helping recharge the energy of other Cryo characters in your party. Additionally, she offers a reliable shield, reduces stamina consumption, and boosts attack speed. Diona is relatively easy to build and remains a valuable support character for team compositions in Genshin Impact.

5. Eula

Eula is a five-star Cryo Claymore user who specializes in dealing physical damage. She excels in a Superconduct team composition, typically paired with characters like Fischl or Raiden Shogun. Eula’s Elemental Skill and Burst abilities grant her increased attack speed, making her feel faster to play, which is enjoyable given that claymore users often have slower attack animations. However, she remains a niche character since physical damage is less favored compared to other damage types in Genshin Impact.

6. Shenhe

Shenhe is a five-star Cryo Polearm user primarily employed as a support character in Genshin Impact. She has the ability to reduce an enemy’s Cryo and physical resistance while dealing reasonable damage on her own, which positions her as a relatively niche character. Her effectiveness is mainly limited to teams composed of Cryo characters like Ganyu, Ayaka, or Eula, and she may struggle to find a suitable role in other team compositions. As a result, she is classified as an A-Tier character in Genshin Impact.

7. Layla

Layla is a four-star Cryo sword character known for her strong shielding capabilities and consistent Cryo application. Building her with an emphasis on HP will enhance her shielding capabilities significantly. Additionally, her Cryo application makes her suitable for creating Melt, Shatter, or Superconduct team compositions. While she may not be an exceptional character, Layla is a solid choice for players in need of Cryo support characters.

8. Fischl

Fischl is a versatile support and off-field DPS character in Genshin Impact. While she is highly effective in numerous team compositions, her placement in the A-Tier is due to the presence of stronger Electro units such as Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko in higher tiers. Fischl excels in team setups that revolve around reactions like Overloaded, Superconduct, Hyperbloom, and Aggravate.

9. Keqing

Keqing is a formidable Electro sword user in Genshin Impact, and while she offers substantial damage output, her placement in the A-Tier is due to the presence of stronger Electro characters like Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko in higher tiers. Keqing’s elemental skill and burst abilities allow her to deal significant damage, making her a solid choice for teams that focus on reactions like Superconduct, Hyperbloom, and Aggravate. While she may not be in the S-Tier, she remains a potent character when utilized effectively.

10. Cyno

Cyno, known as the General Mahamatra of Sumeru, garnered significant interest when he was introduced. He is an Electro polearm character who serves as a DPS unit in Genshin Impact. However, Cyno’s challenge lies in his more complex and less F2P-friendly build requirements, particularly focusing on elemental mastery to maximize his critical damage bonus. With the right investment and understanding of his mechanics, he can deliver impressive damage output. While Cyno is a potent damage dealer, his build complexity may present challenges for some players.

11. Jean

Jean is an Anemo sword character in Genshin Impact, known for her versatility but sometimes confusing to use effectively. Her elemental skill can deal substantial damage and heal all party members. However, it also has a knock-back effect, making it challenging to engage hordes of enemies efficiently. Holding the skill to gather enemies may take time and not be very efficient. Jean’s elemental burst deals continuous swirl damage and provides substantial healing, making her a valuable support character rather than a primary DPS. Despite these considerations, her character design is highly regarded.

12. Venti

Venti is the Anemo Archon and a bow user in Genshin Impact. He can create an Anemo vortex that draws in enemies and inflicts continuous swirl damage. His passive abilities enable him to generate energy particles for the team, serving as an energy battery. Venti could potentially be an S-Tier character if his damage output was higher, but he excels at crowd control and is particularly useful for exploration due to his elemental skill, which can propel him to great heights.

13. Heizou

Heizou is an Anemo character who wields a catalyst in Genshin Impact, but he has a unique playstyle. While he is equipped with a catalyst, his attacks involve using his arms and legs instead. He has the potential to deal substantial damage through his burst and regular attacks, making him a fun and easy-to-play character. Heizou is a good option for low-level players looking to tackle challenging quests, and he can make use of several free-to-play weapon options.

14. Xiao

Xiao is a character in Genshin Impact who can be polarizing among players. Some love using him, while others don’t enjoy his gameplay as much. His damage output is decent, but there are concerns about his vulnerability after using his Elemental Burst. With the right build, he can deal significant damage with his plunging attacks. Xiao’s effectiveness can vary based on individual playstyle and preferences.

15. Ningguang

Ningguang is a Geo catalyst user who is often considered a B-Tier character by many players. However, she can still be quite effective as an overall damage dealer and has potential as a sub-DPS. She works well in mono Geo teams, but her elemental skill and burst can also fit into various team compositions. Her skill’s ability to block enemy attacks and projectiles makes her a valuable choice for taking down enemies, especially when paired with characters like Ganyu or Yoimiya.

16. Noelle

Noelle is often underrated among Genshin Impact Geo characters, but she can be a solid A-Tier character when built correctly. She wields a claymore and is typically seen as a moderate damage dealer. However, utilizing her correctly is crucial to maximize her potential in terms of shielding, healing, and Geo-attack capabilities. With her sixth constellation unlocked, paired with Bennett’s support, her shield can be very powerful, allowing you to eliminate enemies effectively. While her shield may not be as robust as Zhongli’s, it can still be quite useful. Additionally, her healing ability makes her a valuable character, especially for beginner Genshin Impact players.

17. Arataki Itto

Itto is another Geo character in Genshin Impact who wields a claymore. He is often regarded as a very free-to-play (F2P)-friendly option, and when built correctly, he can deliver impressive damage numbers. However, a significant drawback to Itto is that his elemental burst ability leaves him vulnerable, and he lacks significant durability due to his relatively low HP. This means that while he can deal substantial damage, he may struggle to withstand incoming attacks from enemies.

18. Yun Jin

Yun Jin is a Geo character in Genshin Impact who wields a polearm. She serves as a solid choice for players seeking a character that can provide robust shielding capabilities while also dealing a respectable amount of Geo damage. Her shields are notably durable, and when equipped with the Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set, she can deliver substantial damage output. Additionally, her passive talent enhances the normal attack damage of other characters in the party. Overall, Yun Jin is a well-rounded character with an appealing design and valuable support abilities.

19. Mona

Mona is a Hydro character in Genshin Impact who wields a catalyst. She excels in the role of a sub-DPS and is often utilized to enhance the burst damage of other characters in your party. Mona’s Elemental Burst is known for its ability to boost the burst damage output of your team members. Additionally, she is a reliable Hydro applicator, thanks to her Elemental Skill. If you’re a new Genshin Impact player who has just acquired Mona and possesses a strong DPS character capable of defeating enemies swiftly, you’ll find it easier to level up and progress in the game.

20. Childe

Childe, also known as Tartaglia, is a Hydro character and a bow user in Genshin Impact who is recognized for his impressive damage potential. What sets Childe apart is his ability to switch between two distinct combat styles: a dual-dagger Hydro form and a bow form, each having unique Elemental Burst animations. Childe’s A-Tier ranking is influenced by his Elemental Skill, which allows him to transform his bow into dual daggers, granting access to the Hydro form for up to 30 seconds. However, it’s worth noting that this skill has a cooldown of up to 45 seconds, which necessitates switching to his bow form during the downtime.

21. Sangonomia Kokomi

Kokomi is a Hydro character in Genshin Impact who wields a catalyst. Her primary role is as a healer, effectively restoring the health of her party members and applying the Hydro element to enemies. Notably, her elemental skill continues to provide healing even when you switch to other characters, making her valuable in freeze compositions when paired with characters like Ganyu and Ayaka. While Kokomi excels in her healing capacity and specific team setups, she may not offer as much versatility in other team compositions, placing her in the “good enough” category of Genshin characters without being extraordinary.

22. Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Ayato is a Hydro sword character in Genshin Impact and the elder brother of Ayaka. His elemental skill allows him to perform a series of rapid slashes, featuring visually appealing animations. His elemental burst is somewhat similar to Ganyu’s, but it’s imbued with the Hydro element and enhances his normal attack damage when paired with Hydro. Ayato’s role is primarily that of a DPS character meant to be on the field, but his gameplay may not be as suitable for carrying out elemental reactions since it requires more than six seconds of field time.

Genshin Impact B-Tier Characters

B-Tier characters in Genshin Impact are capable of dealing decent damage but have been overshadowed by other characters in similar roles. While they may have their uses, they are often outperformed by higher-tier characters. Here are the B-Tier characters in Genshin Impact.

1. Diluc

Diluc was one of the earliest Pyro DPS characters in Genshin Impact and was considered one of the best at the time. However, with the introduction of newer characters like Hu Tao, he has faced power creep. While he may not be at the top of the tier list anymore, he can still be a decent damage dealer and is suitable for Vaporize or Melt reactions.

2. Klee

Klee, a Pyro catalyst user, also fell victim to power creep in Genshin Impact. Her main issue is her slow attack speed, which affects her overall damage per second. While she can still deal impressive damage if built correctly, her DPS doesn’t match that of characters like Hu Tao, Yanfei, or even Xiangling.

3. Kaeya

Kaeya, initially a decent Cryo character in Genshin Impact, saw a decrease in usage when more powerful Cryo characters like Ayaka and Ganyu arrived on the scene. While his ultimate ability and consistent Cryo application made him useful for Superconduct and freeze compositions, he is no longer a popular choice in current team setups.

4. Qiqi

Qiqi has received mixed reception from the Genshin Impact community. Some players may not be fond of her due to the relatively high likelihood of obtaining her in the character banners, while others criticize her overall kit. While her elemental skill provides strong healing abilities, some players find her damage output to be lacking, except when built for physical damage, in which case she can be a decent character.

5. Rosaria

Rosaria is a Cryo polearm character in Genshin Impact who excels as a sub-DPS. While her elemental skill may not offer significant utility, her elemental burst can deliver substantial initial damage and consistently apply Cryo to nearby enemies. Her ultimate ability is most effective when enemies are grouped together, making her a potential asset in freeze compositions, particularly when paired with characters like Kazuha and Kokomi.

6. Mika

Mika is a relatively new character in Genshin Impact and possesses a unique set of abilities. As a Cryo polearm user, he specializes in dealing Cryo damage. Mika is best suited for a support role within the party. His elemental skill enhances the attack and sprint speed of all party members, while his elemental burst provides substantial healing to the entire team.

7. Beidou

Beidou is an Electro character who wields a claymore. Her standout ability is her elemental burst, which not only absorbs incoming damage but also applies Electro damage to enemies. Her skill allows her to accumulate and release absorbed damage as an AoE attack, making her a valuable addition to teams focused on superconduct reactions. While Beidou is relatively straightforward to build, her niche playstyle may not appeal to all players.

8. Kujou Sara

Sara is an Electro character who wields a bow and seems to be designed primarily to enhance Raiden Shogun’s burst damage output. She has decent multipliers on her elemental burst and can deal respectable damage when properly built. She also has the capacity to boost the damage of other party members, particularly those who benefit from increased Electro crit damage, thanks to her talent synergy with Raiden Shogun. However, her kit can be somewhat complex, and optimizing her build might require some careful consideration.

9. Kuki Shinobu

Kuki Shinobu is an Electro sword character in Genshin Impact with a primary role of healing and applying Electro status to enemies. While she may not have been very prominent in the meta prior to the release of the Sumeru region, she has found utility in facilitating Burgeon and Hyperbloom reactions. She’s also seen use in Aggravate and Quicken reactions. In addition to her Electro application, her healing abilities are another strong suit. However, there are more potent Electro characters available, so it’s advisable to use them unless you have a particular affinity for Kuki Shinobu’s design or style.

10. Faruzan

Faruzan is a valuable character in Genshin Impact, although she occupies a rather niche role. She is a bow user who can function as both a support and DPS character, excelling in crowd control and reducing the Anemo resistance of enemies. Her damage output isn’t as high as some other characters, but her support capabilities are noteworthy. Faruzan is most effective when used in a support role, especially in teams that feature Anemo characters like Xiao, Heizou, or DPS Jean, as she provides an Anemo bonus to boost their performance.

11. Sucrose

Sucrose is a capable Anemo catalyst user with strong crowd control abilities and the potential to enhance the damage output of other characters by boosting their elemental mastery. However, to fully unlock her potential, it’s important to invest in her constellations, and managing her energy recharge can be a challenge. While she serves as an excellent support character, some players may prefer Kazuha, who is considered a better choice in the Genshin Impact tier list.

12. Sayu

Sayu is an Anemo character who wields a catalyst and excels in exploration and healing. She also provides buffs to the team with the Viridescent Venerer set. However, her high elemental burst energy requirements can be a limitation, as effectively recharging her burst is crucial for her to contribute to the team. In comparison to other Anemo characters, Sayu may not be as appealing due to potential alternatives outshining her in Genshin Impact.

13. Tighnari

Tighnari is a Dendro character who uses a bow and is most effective when used as a DPS character. While he may not be one of the top-tier DPS characters in the game, he has some unique abilities. His elemental burst allows him to redirect enemy fire, and his elemental skill scales with his elemental mastery stats, maximizing his damage potential. However, like Yoimiya, his single-target focus can limit his effectiveness as a DPS character in Genshin Impact.

14. Yaoyao

Yaoyao is a Dendro character who wields a polearm and excels in support roles. Her ability to apply continuous Dendro to enemies enables seamless character switching and the execution of reactions. Additionally, she offers healing through her burst and skill. While she may be an improved alternative to the Dendro traveler, her overall gameplay is considered sluggish and average. Despite this, her character design is highly regarded.

15. Baizhu

Baizhu, a Dendro catalyst user, is a character who was highly anticipated but fell short upon his release. He excels as a healer and offers decent damage output but provides a somewhat underwhelming shield. In many ways, he resembles a five-star Dendro Noelle with a catalyst. While he serves well as a support character, his slow attack speed, limited range, and scaling are seen as drawbacks, making Yaoyao a more appealing choice.

16. Kaveh

Kaveh, a Dendro claymore user, is a DPS character who excels at dealing substantial Dendro damage through elemental reactions. His playstyle relies heavily on generating enough energy to unleash his ultimate, which can trigger Hyperbloom Dendro cores. However, despite his potential in certain setups, his overall gameplay is considered underwhelming and falls into the average tier in the game.

17. Gorou

Gorou is a Geo bow character designed primarily for a support role in Genshin Impact. He specializes in enhancing the defense and Geo damage bonus of other characters, making him an excellent choice for characters like Noelle and Zhongli, who can benefit from both increased damage and defense. However, his own damage-dealing capabilities are considered average, which classifies him as a niche character in the game.

Genshin Impact C-Tier Characters

C-Tier characters in Genshin Impact are generally considered to be subpar, and there are usually more effective alternatives available. These characters may have limited usability or face significant competition from others. Here’s the list of C-Tier characters in the game.

1. Dehya

Dehya is a character from Inazuma and not officially present in Genshin Impact as of my last knowledge update in September 2021. It’s possible that she has been added to the game after that, but I do not have information on her. If you have any specific questions about a character or aspects of the game as of September 2021, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to provide information.

2. Thoma

Thoma, while having some potential, falls short of expectations. As a Pyro polearm user who utilizes a shield and applies continuous Pyro damage to foes, his approach can be problematic. The issue lies in his continuous Pyro application, which can interfere with more effective elemental reactions. For instance, the combination of Hydro and Pyro yields a 2x damage multiplier, outperforming the approach of applying Pyro first and then introducing Hydro. In comparison to Thoma, other Pyro characters like Yanfei excel at both Pyro application and providing shields, making him less appealing for players seeking efficient elemental combinations.

3. Razor

Razor isn’t a poor character, but at the moment, there are characters who outshine him in terms of damage output. He still performs admirably in superconduct and free-to-play compositions. Nonetheless, his defensive statistics leave much to be desired, and similar to many characters, his burst doesn’t persist upon switching to another character. In summary, he’s a respectable character in Genshin Impact with solid damage capabilities and can certainly aid new players in leveling up swiftly.

4. Collei

Collei, often referred to as the Dendro Amber, is a fairly average support character with an appealing design. She faces similar challenges as Amber, mainly in terms of underwhelming damage output. However, her elemental burst is quite decent and can facilitate the execution of Dendro reactions. Yet, based on the statistics, the Dendro Traveler appears to be a more favorable choice due to their lower energy requirements and more cost-effective build.

5. Candace

Candace, one of the initial Sumeru desert characters, falls short of expectations, primarily due to her lackluster damage output. Her elemental skill provides a shield that can be activated by pressing and holding, allowing her to absorb damage before plunging into enemies. Her elemental burst imbues Hydro on all party characters and increases attack percentage. However, this synergy does not align well with characters like Ayato, making her role rather niche and her overall performance subpar. Nevertheless, she boasts an impressive design that gives off a five-star character vibe.

Genshin Impact D-Tier Characters

D-Tier characters in this tier list are considered to be underwhelming and do not provide significant value to a team, making them less desirable options for players.

1. Amber

Amber is often considered one of the weaker characters in Genshin Impact due to her lower overall damage output and limited utility compared to other characters. Many players tend to replace her with stronger characters as they progress in the game.

2. Xinyan

Xinyan is generally considered underwhelming in terms of damage output and shield durability, making her a less popular choice among Genshin Impact characters. Many players may find more effective options for their teams.

3. Aloy

Aloy, the character from the Horizon series, was introduced to Genshin Impact through a collaboration with Sony. However, her utility and performance in the game are not particularly strong, making her a less favorable choice for both damage dealing and support roles. As a result, she is often considered a D-Tier character.

4. Lisa

Lisa, while having her strengths, also has some notable drawbacks, such as her relatively slow attack speed and the fact that she moves away from enemies while using her elemental skill. To maximize her damage output, players often need to hold her elemental skill for a considerable amount of time, which can be less efficient in some combat situations.

5. Dori

Diona is generally regarded as one of the weaker characters in Genshin Impact. She’s an Electro character who wields a claymore and is typically used as a support character. Many players find that there are better alternatives for Electro support in the game, such as Fischl. Additionally, some players may not be fond of her personality, although that’s a matter of personal preference.

6. Barbara

Barbara is not necessarily a bad character, but her utility is somewhat limited as she primarily benefits Hydro characters and functions as a healer. If you lack a Hydro character or a dedicated healer in your party, then building and using Barbara can be a reasonable choice. However, she might not be the best fit in certain team compositions where other characters with more versatile abilities are preferred.

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