Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0 Guide: Earn the Free Redcap Skin

Fortnite frequently offers various free rewards through incentive programs, and in 2023, they’re providing rewards for returning players or newcomers. The Refer a Friend 3.0 event allows players to obtain free rewards like the Redcap outfit by inviting new players to join the game. Dive into the details of this Fortnite event, its rewards, and the steps to complete the tasks below.

Refering a Friend on Fortnite in 2023

Before diving into the event, it’s important to be aware of the eligibility criteria. The Refer a Friend 3.0 event is currently active and concludes on January 9, 2024, at 11:59 AM ET (8:59 AM PT). Be sure to complete all tasks and claim your rewards before this deadline.

To qualify for the event, the players you invite must either be returning to the game or new players. A returning player is defined as someone who has played less than two hours of “Battle Royale” or “Zero Build – Battle Royale” within the last 30 days. With this understanding of eligibility criteria and the event’s end date, let’s explore the steps to refer a friend on Fortnite in 2023.

1. Visit the Refer a Friend website and click on “LOG IN” located at the top right corner.

2. After logging in using your Epic account, you’ll be directed to the next page. Choose the “ADD A FRIEND” option.

3. Selecting this option will prompt a new pop-up displaying a list of eligible friends.

4. Click on the name of any eligible friend and select the “ADD” button.

5. You’re all set! Play together with the friend you’ve added, complete tasks, and unlock new rewards as part of the Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0 event.

Note: Your invited friends won’t need to log in to this website. You can alternatively use the “SHARE INVITE” button to invite friends through external channels. The above-mentioned method is recommended to ensure a smooth reward claiming process later on.

List of Rewards in Fortnite’s Refer a Friend 3.0

Once you’ve sent out your invitations, it’s essential to understand the rewards and how to acquire them. Refer to the table below for details on all the rewards and quests to be completed. Upon finishing each quest, you’ll receive your reward. It’s important to note that while you can complete the same task with multiple friends, the reward will only be credited once. Each invitee can participate in a maximum of five referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is signing up required to earn the rewards?

If you’re being referred by a friend, you can receive Refer a Friend 3.0 rewards simply by playing with them, without the need to sign up or log in yourself.

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