Fast Money-Making Methods in Starfield

Money is a crucial resource in the world of Starfield, and it’s essential for various aspects of the game, from upgrading your spaceship to purchasing items and equipment. However, you may find that your credits quickly deplete as you explore and progress through the game. To help you maintain a healthy bank balance, this article will provide you with some effective methods for making money quickly in Starfield. Whether you need funds for buying ammunition, upgrading your ship’s storage, or acquiring better spacecraft, these methods will help you replenish your credits.

1. Selling Contraband at the Right Locations

Illicit activities are a part of every world, and Starfield is no exception. In this vast universe, you’ll encounter various illegal activities, such as smuggling contraband. While you might be tempted to avoid the headaches associated with cargo scans, smuggling contraband can be a highly profitable venture in Starfield.

If you come across valuable items like harvested organs or aurora during your space adventures, it’s essential to seize the opportunity and sell them for a significant profit. However, before you embark on your smuggling journey, make sure your ship is equipped to handle contraband. To help you navigate the world of smuggling and selling contraband in Starfield, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide with all the essential details.

2. Sell Unwanted Junk Items in Your Inventory

If you have a tendency to collect every item you come across, you’re likely to accumulate a significant amount of miscellaneous items in Starfield. While you can’t use these items to craft new gear as you could in Fallout 4, you can still turn a profit by selling them.

Trade Authority locations and kiosks are willing to purchase your miscellaneous items, so don’t hesitate to part with them to earn some extra credits.

3. Complete Missions from the Mission Board

Starfield offers a variety of activities, side quests, and a lengthy main storyline. However, if you’re looking to earn extra credits, you can also take on odd jobs. Many settlements feature mission boards where you can pick up additional tasks to complete for payment.

These missions often involve activities like deliveries and providing transportation for settlement residents, and they typically offer substantial rewards, with some paying as much as 1300 credits or more. So, if you find yourself in need of credits, taking on these missions can be a lucrative way to bolster your bank balance.

4. Loot Deceased Characters for Credits in Starfield

When all else fails, you can resort to looting the bodies of Spacers and Crimson Fleet members. It’s a straightforward process, and you’ll find that looting bodies typically yields a three-digit sum of currency. Since your enemies can’t make use of these credits, you might as well put them to good use for yourself.

5. Establish an Outpost in Starfield

Creating outposts on resource-rich planets is another non-hostile method to make money in Starfield. The game offers a robust outpost-building system that allows you to automate the extraction and selling of materials on a planet.

To establish an outpost, choose a habitable planet, set up extractors and storage units, and assign one of your companions to manage the outpost. This process is an excellent way to generate a consistent source of credits in the game. Additionally, you can increase the number of outposts you can create by upgrading your skill points, providing even more income potential.

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